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  1. I have doubt that this needs to fix in src, however your suggested temporary solution really works but like what u said the body relocation animations will be sacrificed also it will have a permanent delay of 0.5 or more seconds to cast the body relocation. The main issue here is the sprite itself.
  2. http://upaste.me/1296132651ff8c3c3 http://herc.ws/wiki/Bindatcmd
  3. cuz admin menu is not showing like. cp log / etc etc.. NOTE: i already have adminmenu.php in main folder then i just linked this file to header.php above the line where submenu.php and pagemenu.php is located... so im wondering why still it doesnt show? EDIT: Thanks anyways.. its just need to include the code that inside the sidebar.php..
  4. Did anyone already encountered this kind of problem? when i tried to use /w or /who nothings happen that should the system will show the msg "There are (5) Currently connected" something like that.. but it doesn't show then i tried my old grf then it works there.. does anyone have a clue where to check this? Thank you. EDIT: DANG !! im very sorry that i did a rushpost.. btw i just found out that i changed my langtype, and put it back to what is lately.. im very sorry..
  5. i think this is dead.. dont know... (sry but for me, this is not usefull i recommend the grf editor. easy and user friendly(for those who dont have knowledge in these tool)no offense.
  6. 2013 cguro.. kasi bago lng 2014 eh.. idk..(pero aq gamit ko 2012 pren.)
  7. File Name: Thor Patcher(by Rufi) File Submitter: leloush File Submitted: 21 Mar 2014 File Category: Client Resources Just a little contribution to the community of hercules. (Includes PSD file & already set the codes and positioning) you can remove the name of mine. just dont sell it in any way. -Rufi Click here to download this file
  8. Version v0.1


    Just a little contribution to the community of hercules. (Includes PSD file & already set the codes and positioning) you can remove the name of mine. just dont sell it in any way. -Rufi
  9. sadly it is.. T_T well not bad at all.. look dota 2 vs RO .. but still hoping.. lately it was 20% and mabi has 80% now its increasing.. hehe
  10. hi annie.. can u please this script if its okay to use in atleast 5items (script) function script test {OnInit: if (isequipped(2236)){ @oldlook = getlook (7); @oldlok = getlook (6); setlook 7,113; setlook 6,1; end; }else{ setlook 7, @oldlook; setlook 6, @oldlok; end; } } and here's the item script(just wondering if its ok to call the same function in deequip script) {callfunc "test";},{},{callfunc "test";} i wonder if this script will work flawlesly without causing lagg to the server.. or any etc that will cause a problem to the server (idont have a bg that is using setlook) thanks
  11. hi just wondering if its possible to do on item script like this > setlook 7,1; - DONE > and save the cloth color, because when de equipped this item i just want to turn them back to original what they look before wearing this item.. the changelook or setlook was done.. but the revert to original no luck i think it needs a function ? i dont know how to do this can someone make a sample.. thanks..
  12. put mp3 file in ROfolder/BGM/01.mp3 01.mp3 is the default name for login bgm just rename the mp3 file and it should work after that make sure change the bitrate to 128kbps or 96kbps .. (i always chose 128kbps)
  13. you can still use mail system via alt+h then send message. or it can be access via npc. yup there is a bug regarding on it specially when you have a @security on your server. yeah they can send via alt + h but the reciever won't get the items/msg since you need the @mail or mail npc to view the inbox so its useless just make sure the mail.txt is disabled so no npc at all no commands as well.
  14. bug maybe... last time i have an issue with this mail system.. they can dup items via mail system and i dont know how they do it.. i just found out that they got loads of stuff so decided to mac ban them and oh i remember there is a same issue also i forgot if its here or on rA. disable the npc and dont put @mail commands on group 0 that's what i did after..
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