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  1. Here you are completely free palettes without paying: https://rathena.org/board/files/file/2701-553251-old-dyes-palettes-working-all-classes/
  2. What version of linux are you using?
  3. I did it on purpose if someone notices it I've made 2 (big and small) and also i have changed the color and small details.
  4. @@Dastgir, if you like it, feel free to use it.
  5. Thank you! Where did you post it? I cant find the new edition
  6. Thank you! 1. [Error]: script_add_str: detected possible use of wrong case in a script. Found 'zeny', probably meant to be 'Zeny' (in 'npc/custom/main/healer.txt'). 2. Why are we getting a "38" message each time we talk to the npc? http://i.imgur.com/SzrIKKw.png Thank you again!
  7. Hello, I would like to add a magnifier to my healer which was edited by AnniRuru. If you have unidentified items, the healer will identify all your items and it will display another dispbottom message: "Your unidentified items were identifty for xxxx zeny". Each item will cost 50z. http://upaste.me/33e32198544bcb5d6 Thank you!
  8. Thank you. [Error]: script:op_2: invalid data for operator C_SUB [Debug]: Data: string value="You need wait for 1447438021" [Debug]: Data: number value=1447438079
  9. Hello guys, I would like to a delay to this healer (60 secs) and also a dispbottom about the time remaining http://upaste.me/690a21952c4dae7f7 something like: dispbottom "You can be healed again in +time+."; Thank you!
  10. Hello guys. The npc is working good but i want to change the #main to ON by default. If someone wants to turn it off. the user has to talk to npc. http://upaste.me/817a219353c51c97c Thank you!
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