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  1. first time i tried this feature there are random bug sometimes the NPC can't show switch with ( : ) , if there are no Transalation example: "Yes:No" >> Eden Teleport Office in Morroc it suppose to be default "English" dialog if there are no translation right? Sometimes the NPC lost of their mes example: [Kafra Employee] The Kafra Corporation is always bla bla bla become is always bla bla bla * Kafra Morocc The dialogs of kafra is broken even we don't have translated language, @lang <any language other english> = broken Sometimes the NPC unable to read the translation. Tried Rare diamond Merchant, i've change the dialogs. but not all translation readed the merchant still speak english Need more update
  2. sry my mistake after i read the source the output file is generated_translations.pot'
  3. make a shortcut then in target field add --generate-translationsare you able to give me the example Open cmd, go to your Hercules folder , typemap-server --generate-translations Or save the above line in .bat file and run it this is the result [Warning]: Unable to open 'map-server', caching capabilities have been disabled! and i didn't see the output -- EDIT -- even map-server.exe --generate-translations still unable to produce the output are you guys able to produce the output or no?
  4. make a shortcut then in target field add --generate-translations are you able to give me the example
  5. btw how to use it on windows? by typing --generate-translations on map server?
  6. Ind has raised from his hibernate and bring good news
  7. I think clan is close to guild system they have - Clan Chat - Clan Join Req / Leave - Clan Ally / Antagonist - Territory let's wait for Ziu to reveal the system
  8. if it does for visual yea sure i agree to remove inactive check but i still think that active and inactive tab has more than just visual
  9. i think there are reason why kRO make Active and inactive quest tab and we should follow the official way
  10. i think it's just same like star moon the important is the client able to load the effect >.< so we need that client to show the headgear
  11. as i remember first 3rd job has no fixed skills, and someone made the skill by read the skill description. with course of time 1 by 1 got fixed with right formula. i remember that first Tiger Cannon able to do more than 1 damage on Plant Mob. many example cases of this: Wave Instance -> not yet implemented , no one get start this T_T First Cash Shop -> Thx god implemented, before most people not agree with various reasons. and i think, at least we (hercules) have it first (homunculus S skill), why? because it's nice start to introduce or attract people to find right formula / bug. Newbie like me won't thinking to much, as long as the skill work (no matter the formula) i'll say "it's nice". When something different from description, people like will post on Bug Skill or someone will try to made pull request
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