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  1. could you help to create recolour dragon for dragon knight riding? i'm need Green:Brown:Gray:Blue:Red colour as rune knight riding.
  2. hendra814

    Nemo patcher

    update, already found the issue. the issue because client need font files - SCDream4.otf - SCDream6.otf
  3. hendra814

    Nemo patcher

    here my clientinfo.xml and for twon info i'm using Chris translation files
  4. hendra814

    Nemo patcher

    already tried with 2020-06-03 and 2020-09-02. It's show same error.
  5. hendra814

    Nemo patcher

    i already did with not enable any patches for hide errors And i already try with no translation files (create grf with clientinfo only), but still got same error.
  6. hendra814

    Nemo patcher

    Hi all, need help badly, because i don't know what i suppose to do to fix the error. in 2018 client the game work well, but when using 20200401 client when character entering map like prontera, izlude,payon it's show error like this i only can enter when character in the map without minimap
  7. hendra814

    Nemo patcher

    Thanks for the information, now the problem solved.
  8. hendra814

    Nemo patcher

    back with new problem, i'm try patching 2018 client with option hide attendance, after apply it and test in the game. The button still in there, so how to make sure the button not showing up again.
  9. hendra814

    Nemo patcher

    Already solve with new translation data files and some changes in system folder
  10. hendra814

    Nemo patcher

    You mean set my client read GRF and put my sclientinfo.xml into custom grf? and could you tell me recomended patchers for 2020 client?
  11. hendra814

    Nemo patcher

    could you share your System folder, mine alrady merge with translation files. And i already tried not use any translation files, it's make i can't login into game
  12. hendra814

    Nemo patcher

    I already try not enable Ignore Lua Error and here the error i've got, and i can't continue to char selection could you tell me where i can get grf and data for 20200401 files?
  13. hendra814

    Nemo patcher

    Yes, it;s define with 20200401 Is this problem related to translation client files? because i'm still using zack translation files. But my KRO using lastest update. Is there any new translation project support for 2020 client?
  14. hendra814

    Nemo patcher

    Still have a same problem using 20200304 client
  15. hendra814

    Nemo patcher

    i manage to patch 20200401 client with this nemo, but why all npc not appear in the map? what patch should be used? this is my picked option here the captured image in game
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