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  1. Followed your guide and it went well until the final step [7]. It always gives me "Failed to retrieve patch.txt" message.
  2. Don't know if it's off-topic. But can I change client font to Tahoma?
  3. Is there any toggle to disable the whole battleground system including the npcs, items, maps? I looked into conf/battle folder but could not find one.
  4. I would like to ask if there is an active development branch that maintains the classic system like today's iRO Classic? It's very interesting as many people still love the classic days of Ragnarok
  5. I'll use this commit to run server. Do you think it's stable enough? https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/tree/b8801ae9585201eaaf9fdf80d9c7117ee18f52e2/npc/cities This commit is the latest one without Ayothaya city.
  6. You really have to look 5-8 years old commit (Or maybe download current, use pre-re settings and disable all things which are implemented after ep7, since old commit is assumed to have many bugs, thats why we improved soo much today, but its alot of work, maybe) Stability issue is what i am worried about too. Just wonder if there are project that maintains old Ragnarok database with today's engine stability. I see there are many people still prefer the old Ragnarok
  7. I am looking for a stable release in GitHub that is dated back to pre-ayothaya Episode. (I guess around 7 or 8) Who knows which commit/tree it is? Thank you.
  8. I am looking for a classic Hercules package that all NPCs, maps, monsters, etc. are in classic time. Not sure which episode (guess around 8.2) it was but there was no high class and third class (only upto 2-2). Where can I find those packages? Thank you!
  9. I got this kind of error when summon scroll or calling mercenary followed by this How can I fix this? Thank you.
  10. Can you tell me exact location of this NPCs file? I think it's disabled because I cannot find any 3rd classes NPCs on my server.
  11. I compiled pre-renewal server. But how can I enable npcs for 3rd class job change without compiling for renewal server?
  12. Is there any item script that makes a player who consumes it can have an effect like @autoloot for a given period of time? If it's not possible. An npc script that charges a player for zeny in exchange for an hour of @autoloot effect would be great too. PS: Players can't directly use @autoloot. Thank you!
  13. Well how can I make the reward goes to online players only, excluding @at. Since they may spam merchants and @at to get rewards. And can I make reward totally unable to change the owner including dropping, trading and vending.
  14. Do players with @at get rewards too?
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