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  1. i tested with latest stable revision on both pre-re and renewal Client ver. 2019-05-30aRagexeRE and i cannot reproduce the bug. do you have any src modifications and what client version did you use? BTW this is the skill code on latest rev. IDK why yours is different from the video. { Id: 382 Name: "SN_SHARPSHOOTING" Description: "Focused Arrow Strike" MaxLevel: 5 Range: 9 Hit: "BDT_MULTIHIT" SkillType: { Enemy: true } AttackType: "Weapon" Element: "Ele_Weapon" SplashRange: 1 InterruptCast: true SkillInstances: 13 CastTime: 2000 AfterCastActDelay: 1500 CoolDown: 0 Requirements: { SPCost: { Lv1: 18 Lv2: 21 Lv3: 24 Lv4: 27 Lv5: 30 Lv6: 33 Lv7: 36 Lv8: 39 Lv9: 42 Lv10: 45 } WeaponTypes: { Bows: true } AmmoTypes: { A_ARROW: true } AmmoAmount: 1 } },
  2. i opened this issue on github. you can follow the topic on https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/issues/2922
  3. Update: i changed pc->unequipitem(sd, i, PCUNEQUIPITEM_FORCE); to pc->unequipitem(sd, i, PCUNEQUIPITEM_RECALC); still not triggering the OnUnequipScript.
  4. additional info. After successfully removing the card, the script command 'successremovecards' fails to re-equip the item. it seems pc->equipitem(sd, i, sd->status.inventory.equip); is not working properly. pc->unequipitem(sd, i, PCUNEQUIPITEM_FORCE); does not recalculate stats so we rely on the pc->equipitem(sd, i, sd->status.inventory.equip); to recalculate the stats thus not triggering the OnUnequipScript. i dont know how to fix it tho. /// Removes all cards from the item found in the specified equipment slot of the invoking character, /// and give them to the character. If any cards were removed in this manner, it will also show a success effect. /// successremovecards(<slot>); static BUILDIN(successremovecards) { int i = -1, c, cardflag = 0; struct map_session_data *sd = script->rid2sd(st); int num = script_getnum(st, 2); if (sd == NULL) return true; if (num > 0 && num <= ARRAYLENGTH(script->equip)) i = pc->checkequip(sd,script->equip[num - 1]); if (i < 0 || sd->inventory_data[i] == NULL) return true; if (itemdb_isspecial(sd->status.inventory[i].card[0])) return true; for (c = sd->inventory_data[i]->slot - 1; c >= 0; --c) { if (sd->status.inventory[i].card[c] > 0 && itemdb_type(sd->status.inventory[i].card[c]) == IT_CARD) { int flag; struct item item_tmp; memset(&item_tmp, 0, sizeof(item_tmp)); cardflag = 1; item_tmp.nameid = sd->status.inventory[i].card[c]; item_tmp.identify = 1; sd->status.inventory[i].card[c] = 0; if ((flag = pc->additem(sd, &item_tmp, 1, LOG_TYPE_SCRIPT))) { clif->additem(sd, 0, 0, flag); map->addflooritem(&sd->bl, &item_tmp, 1, sd->bl.m, sd->bl.x, sd->bl.y, 0, 0, 0, 0, false); } } } if (cardflag == 1) { pc->unequipitem(sd, i, PCUNEQUIPITEM_FORCE); clif->delitem(sd, i, 1, DELITEM_MATERIALCHANGE); clif->additem(sd, i, 1, 0); pc->equipitem(sd, i, sd->status.inventory[i].equip); //THIS LINE HERE FAILS TO WORK clif->misceffect(&sd->bl,3); } return true; }
  5. afaik potion effects are hardcoded in the client so when we make custom potions we add this line: specialeffect(EF_POTION4, AREA, playerattached()); ex. { Id: 37000 AegisName: "White_Potion_ZXC" Name: "White Potion ZXC" Type: "IT_HEALING" Buy: 1200 Weight: 150 Script: <" itemheal rand(325,405),0; specialeffect(EF_POTION4, AREA, playerattached()); "> },
  6. on the latest stable release this problem is fixed. Release v2020.12.14: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/commit/2f410d1da3f0afa72e7a66099eb0f38469c20427#diff-06572a96a58dc510037d5efa622f9bec8519bc1beab13c9f251e97e657a9d4edR59
  7. Currently not working on Release v2020.12.14 due to refactored codes: - `unit->blown()` (renamed to `unit->push()`) - `path->blownpos()` (related to the `unit->blown()` change)
  8. Hello just want to report in my recent discovery that Bard/Dancer buffs doesnt work on party members OUTSIDE cell_pvp area even with CELL_PVP_SKILL_ALLOW. Using pre-renewal with OLD Song effect diff All Party members are outside cell_pvp area
  9. you need to find the skill on skill_db.conf and change ShowSkillScale set to false. SkillInfo: { ShowSkillScale: false }
  10. Alternatively/Surefire method is to diff your client into reading your custom monster_size_effect file
  11. afaik you can put green aura on any monsters by editing monster_size_effect_sak.lub and for the skull i think its for naturally spawned bosses. LHZ bosses spawn are scripted and not a "natural" spawn.
  12. Hello i just discovered that when a map has a CELL_PVP area, - you cannot use PARTY BUFFS outside CELL_PVP area even with CELL_PVP_SKILL_ALLOW if you are in a PARTY / Solo Party is there any way to resolve this?
  13. hello is it okay to just ignore these warnings?
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