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  1. I think the 'problem' is the character inventory size. The client send the message 'You're overweight', but really you don't have space in your inventory.
  2. I made some changes, now is working fine. OnPCDieEvent part: OnPCLogoutEvent part:
  3. 'getmapusers' only will count a 'dead player' if he still in the map... but you already added this: When a player die, it send back to 'kame_house', Now about the the quit players you can do this: Add: And change these: OnPCDieEvent part: Enter arena part: I think is it, not tested.
  4. I made a little mistake, now is tested and working:
  5. Not tested, but I think now is working fine.
  6. Not tested, but I think will work.
  7. Cretino

    skill count

    You'll need use this plugin: OnPCUseSkillEvent
  8. Try to update your Hercules emulator to the latest version.
  9. I remember a way to do it by script... but I think you need to search and try to make little bit. This is the last time I 'teach (give)' you something. If you want help to you make something, I can help you with pleasure.
  10. This can't be done without source modification. But you can add a buff for VIPs to improve the drop rate: 'SC_CASH_RECEIVEITEM'. Search in your 'item_db' for more information.
  11. What you want to do is not possible with these script commands. Using 'setbattleflag' you'll change the server rate for all when reload. If you only want give 2x EXP to 'VIP' players, you can do this:
  12. Cretino

    GID Error

    The actual 'getunitdata' has no support for player units. This is why you receive this message error. If you want to get values from player units, you'll need to make a source modification. I made one, you can test if you want. getunitdata_pc_type.diff
  13. Yes, but you'll need to create a script command to do. You can use this example I made: rentitem2_by_cretino.diff rentitem2 usage: I also made a 'protection' if you create a rent item with cards, so players can't remove cards from rent items. I think is it you want, good luck.
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