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  1. Hey guys, what are the most latest stable client? Are there any 2019 stable clients? Also, I tried looking for an updated guide on setting up client side do you guys have one? Thanks
  2. Good day! Can someone share their Translated Data Folder? I tried using asharaf and zackdreaver's translation folders. However, it doesn't translate the storage buttons ~ Thank you! PS: I'm using a 2018 Client ~
  3. Hello, a lot of people have been asking about official server episodes. Don't you think it'll be a good idea to implement something like this? Like we're able to switch from episodes to another? //Switch to Server Episodes //1=Start of the Adventure Episode //2=Lutie Episode //3=Comodo Episode //4=War of Emperium Episode //5=Juno ~ Forgotten Legacy of an Ancient Era Episode //6=Beyond Rune-Midgarts (The Global Project) Episode //7=Umbala ~ Village of the Utan Tribe Episode //Just a sample i dont know the whole episodes of RO episode_type=1 This will probably a huge project though. I hope someone or some guys can work on this. Just a suggestion. ♥ ♥
  4. I mean to use 3CeAM with full SQL db. I dont wanna use the .txt db
  5. As the title says, is it possible to use a full SQL based database in 3CeAM?
  6. I was looking for something like this *-* Hahaha
  7. Hey guys. I dunno if this was the right section to post this. Sorry if this was not the right place. Anyways, as the title says. I'd like to make a server based on a specific episode in ragnarok official server like for example I want to start the server at Episode 3(iRO: Comodo). What files should I work on to accomplish this? Thanks in advance.
  8. - script OnKillMonsterDoDropItem -1,{ OnNPCKillEvent: switch(killedrid) { case 1002: // Poring if ( strcharinfo(3) == Glast Heim underground Prison ) if(rand(10000) < 500) { // < 100 = 1% drop chance getitem 7539, 1; // Poring Coin break; } else break; default: // All other monsters break; } } ^- Is that right?
  9. Hey Dastgir, We found a bug ~ The settings are set to .reset_ss = 3; //(1=Reset Status, 2=Reset Skills, 3 = Reset Status and Skills). So, The skillpoints of early jobs (First Job/Second Job) Are not redistributed ~
  10. I guess that won't work ~ It will but it will override ALL Mobs in the database entirely. What I wan't is only on a specific map ~
  11. Hello, I need a script that will make Mobs drop a specific items by % Chance in a specific Map. Example: All mobs in Map Glast Heim Underground Prison 1 will drop Item 1 at 3% chance, item 2 at 5% chance, and etc ~ The script can specify how many items i want to drop in a map with their chance ~ Yeah like that Thanks for the guys who'll make this request ~
  12. I guess nope it won't Unbalance things ~ This system are for competitive play ~ Besides if a two player has the same amount of rebirths it's just like they have the same items ~ It will matter on their skills and etc. Thanks~ It helps a lot. Perfectly works now ---
  13. Thanks Annie ~ The reward Attack and Matk should be permanent, it also should stack ~ So for example if you rebirth 120 Times, you should have gained +100 on Attack and Matk PERMANENTLY ~
  14. Yo~ I would like to request a modification of Dastgir's Rebirth System Script ~ http://herc.ws/board/topic/5191-rebirth-system/ So what I need are: Set reward intervals ie: Every 3 rebirths, every 5 rebirths, or every 10 rebirths ~ Rewards should be given in the set intervals ~ Rewards to be given are - +5 Attack and +5Matk
  15. Hello, I don't know if this are the right section to post this ~ Sorry if this are the wrong section ----- Is it possible to ONLY Apply Renewal Skill Cast Time on 3rd Jobs Only????? If yes How am I gonna do it? What source codes are involved? Thanks ~ Edit: Or Does hercules has an option like this? // This will make all 3rd job skills and other skills added since renewal use the renewal casting system. // This means skill cast times will use a Variable/Fixed setup, variable cast times will be affected by INT/DEX. // Disabling the system will make all these skills use the prenewal cast system where only DEX affects cast times // and fixed times dont exist. Renewal skills thats 100% fixed will only be reduceable and fixed cast reduction methods. // (Default: Yes) renewal_cast_3rd_skills: yes (From 3Ceam I guess) up
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