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  1. I looked for the whole community and I couldn't find where I can change the flag for the use of an item, for example, when your inventory reaches a maximum of 100 items, the consumable can no longer be used, I would like to change this modification, when the inventory is full of items the next items falls to the ground when using the consumable. Example: https://rathena.org/board/topic/117224-i-can-not-open-a-cookie-bag-with-the-inventory-full-because/ The topic that came closest was this one:
  2. Good night everyone, could someone help me with the ranking of taekwon !? When I use the command (/taekwon) in the game, a list of special characters appears. I would like to know which file is showing this ranking, I searched here on the forum and I didn't find anything about it, just this topic informing where to change the command call, it probably isn't there that I should change it, I just want to fix the in-game chat rank... I imagine it is somewhere in the data / system folder or something, does anyone have any light on this? @edit @Dastgir First of all I apologize for the issue marking you, the topic I mentioned above was you who answered, suddenly you know something about it, could you help me by giving me some direction please?
  3. No need, this function is called only when the woe starts or ends, I don't remember which one. If you still have doubts just look for where this function is called you will understand what it is for.. (function Disp_Owner)
  4. Search function: OnAgitBreak: Add below: .@GID = getcharid(CHAR_ID_GUILD); .@nick$ = strcharinfo(PC_NAME); After that just look for the part that advertises and exchange for: // Respawn the Emperium, and display new owners. sleep 500; // Slow down script execution slightly. if( agitcheck() ) donpcevent "Agit#"+strnpcinfo(NPC_NAME_HIDDEN)+"::OnStartArena"; sleep 7000; //Edit announce bellow announce "O Castelo [" + getcastlename(strnpcinfo(NPC_NAME_HIDDEN)) + "] foi conquistado por [" + .@nick$ + "] da gloriosa guild [" + getguildname(.@GID) + "].",bc_all|bc_woe; end; works well for me like this...
  5. Ridley, thank you very much, I am a big fan of yours, I wish you all the blessings of the world under your life. You don’t need to not up on the topic, I just wanted to let you know that in anonymity you have people who admire your work
  6. Could someone tell me how much I would have to pay for editing an existing map. Basically it consists of taking a castle map (Kriemhild) and joining its parts, that is, removing the portals and creating a kind of passage in the place, the idea is to make the map one, like the ones in the woe 2.0... I would appreciate it if someone offered to do it, especially if it was someone from my country, since my currency doesn't have much value. (1 Dólar = 5.2 R$)
  7. Tsuuu

    exp db 255

    https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/wiki/Edit-Max-Level You need to enter the EXP values at each level.
  8. I am really grateful to have someone like you lead this community. Thank you so much for everything you did and do for us. Herc >.
  9. It would look something like this: first create a script and put its function there, example: function script scripttest { getmapxy @map$,@x,@y,0; dispbottom "Quantidade de jogadores no mapa atual: "+getmapusers(@map$); end; } then just go to the item script and use callfunc, in this example I used '2201': Id: 2201 AegisName: "Sunglasses" Name: "Sunglasses" Type: "IT_ARMOR" Buy: 5000 Weight: 100 Loc: "EQP_HEAD_MID" Refine: false ViewSprite: 12 Script: <" bonus2 bResEff,Eff_Blind,500; callfunc "scripttest"; "> You can also make this number update every time the number of players changes on this map, it all depends on what you want.
  10. Tsuuu


    I thought of some ways to do this, however I want to understand your script to try to do it functionally for you, first note: *getcharid(<type>{, "<character name>"}) This function will return a unique ID number of the invoking character, or, if a character name is specified, of that player. Type is the kind of associated ID number required: (0) CHAR_ID_CHAR - Character ID number. (1) CHAR_ID_PARTY - Party ID number. (2) CHAR_ID_GUILD - Guild ID number. (3) CHAR_ID_ACCOUNT - Account ID number. (4) CHAR_ID_BG - Battle ground ID (5) CHAR_ID_CLAN - Clan ID number. WHERE `char_id`='"+getcharid(CHAR_ID_CHAR, getd("$house" + getarg(0) + "_user$"))+"'"); At this point in his SQL query he uses the getcharid command, his sql uses 3 variables that I don't know the values: $house, getarg(0) and _user$ in a second parameter of the getcharid call that may not even be necessary, just by char id you can do everything. About working only for the character who releases the house, a repeating structure can be done by passing the IDs of the characters you wish to have access to, in the case of your script the sql command only runs once, using a search condition that passes the Scripting Character ID, you need to somehow get the character IDs you want and create a "for/while" for sql.
  11. Sorry, the double quotes work perfectly for me ... I Use updated Hercules.
  12. Dude, you're a myth, how could I not have realized this, thank you so much for your help. Topic Solved !
  13. Incredible as it may seem I did not find where to change this option to change the passive bonus of this skill, even though I searched in various places, can anyone give me a light!? currently the Crazy Uproar skill gives me a 4 attack bonus, I would like to change this value, I looked at her function in source and found nothing less complicated for my understanding.
  14. lol, he's already delivered almost everything. sorry my answer, I'm kind of out of time if I wouldn't write the script for you, maybe another day!
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