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  1. I am using default script from Hercules.
  2. Someone can help me here to fix this? I don't have any idea why my map-server is crashing?
  3. But its custom weapon, and he want to show aura for that sprite, so should be 107 And @topicstarter, those files are not used in 2013 clients, you only need to edit iteminfo now. i already edit the iteminfo in classnum in 107, then my client was crashing. and i already edit the weapontable.lub but still my client was crashing also i already change the name of the sprite from 1291 to _dragonfang it's still crashing setting of my iteminfo.lub
  4. my classnum from my itemInfo.lub is 0, but i don't know where can i input the classnum
  5. Definitely yes my client is "2013-08-14aRagexe" here's the screenshot:
  6. Hi everyone i have a problem regardin on my custom weapon. i already follow the instructions but my sprite wasn't show. Here's list of my work: Weapontable.lub PS: I've already change the "_1291" to "_dragonfang" but still my sprite wasn't show. Sprites path: item_db2: I hope someone can help me here, and fixing my problem have a nice day
  7. Magkano ba ang offerings sa IG? Sa harmony hindi ko afford 6k isang bagsakan eh starting palang ako
  8. 2) Embed DATA.ini in Client using NEMO Patcher, OR Make a Custom Hook to encrypt the contents of DATA.ini Thank you for always helping me sir. Yes. Here's a free solution: http://enigmaprotector.com/en/aboutvb.html A big thank you sir, i will try to study that thing sir Thank you for reminding me for that kind of thing sir, i will try to study that too
  9. Hi guys, once again im here to ask a newbie question. My first question is there possible if you try to compile or merge your Patcher and Client into one .exe application? (before you proceed the game or main client, you can open the patcher first (forced to do that thing..). Then my second question was, what software did you use to encrypt the text's from data.ini? Thank you and have a nice day
  10. Hi guys, i want to request an custom Monster Spawn script for my event, sorry if i am demanding for the script So here's the procedure of my idea (custom monster spawn) I'm so sorry for my poor english and of the procedure of my custom event it was kinda complicated. I hope someone can help me here to do that or guide me to do that kind of script. Thank you and Godbless to all members out there. stay safe friends
  11. Thanks for your wonderful answer sir i've try to fix that later thank you so much sir
  12. I recently checked one by one of my modified custom item and i found something wrong about the build. If i equipped my modified headgear the DEF was -128, then after i unequipped my headgear the DEF was 70 only but i don't have any item script included in my item. Then this is the information about the item headgear I hope someone can help me here to fix this weird problem, Have a nice day and more power Hercules
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