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  1. Update: 2/3 slots full. 1 slot available. Thanks! Stay awesome!
  2. Update: 3/3 slots full. Still feel free to send your task/project details in-case a slot gets freed. Website domain changed to: https://devhappy.online/ preferred contact Discord: rbg87#6238 Thanks! Stay awesome!
  3. Update: Availability [3/3] All slots occupied, still feel free to message me to reserve a slot for future projects. Also changed my domain to happydevs.online
  4. try this one https://pastebin.com/2TA1H6AY if problem persists, please try checking the map server is there are any errors and post it here.
  5. Status: 2/3 Slots Available Please use my skype contact for faster response. Thank you.
  6. UPDATE: New Service Added: Mapping now also available but only with official textures/models unless you already have a custom texture/model made by someone else.
  7. Update: 2/3 slots available "Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm." -- Winston Churchill
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