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  1. Go into friend window options, and uncheck opening 1:1 chats.
  2. You can just use Act Editor from Tokei, it has built-in magnify under Scripts tab.
  3. Well, either src editing or plugin. I don't remember any commands that let you check player's elemental resistances.
  4. Hmm. That depends on the client you're using. If I remember correctly latest ones have a table that lets you increase size of monster sprite. Iirc it's the one in system called monster_size_effect.lub (or lua). But I'm not sure starting which client it works. Otherwise I don't know any options besides resizing sprite itself, sorry.
  5. ** Create a permanent monster spawn: <map name>,<x>,<y>,<xs>,<ys>%TAB%monster%TAB%<monster name>%TAB%<mob id>,<amount>,<delay1>,<delay2>,<event>{,<mob size>,<mob ai>} ... There are two optional fields for monster size and AI. Size can be 0 (medium), 1 (small), or 2 (big). AI can be 0 (default), 1 (attack/friendly), 2 (sphere), 3 (flora), or 4 (zanzou). Also *monster "<map name>",<x>,<y>,"<name to show>",<mob id>,<amount>{,"<event label>"{,<size>{,<ai>}}}; *areamonster "<map name>",<x1>,<y1>,<x2>,<y2>,"<name to show>",<mob id>,<amount>{,"<event label>"{,<size>{,<ai>}}}; ... <size> can be: 0 = medium (default) 1 = small 2 = big From doc/script_commands.txt
  6. What if you just remove sample plugin from compiling? Will the next one error? (I mean, it's not needed anyway. It's just a sample on how to write/compile/use plugins)
  7. You have @set/#set. Why'd you need an NPC?
  8. Garr

    Array help

    Replace .itemname$[ .@k ] = getitemname( .itemid[ .@k ] ); with .itemname$[ .@k ] = (getitemname( .itemid[ .@k ] ) != "null")?getitemname( .itemid[ .@k ] ):""; That way nothing will be altered, client doesn't show empty options (""), but still counts them in when returning chosen index.
  9. That's exactly what I gave you, locations of all the pictures client uses. It's called "skin", since it can be selected. I'd advice you check if it works better with other skins (those can be places inside "skin" folder near client), if so then your current one is the problem, otherwise problem might be in exe itself, and then probably only @Neo can help you out.
  10. There's no other way I know but manually adjusting them. I'd advice you to get SDE to work with server files, it saves so much time. @True Zeal Last client that reads idnum files is 2012-04-10 iirc.
  11. Everything, and I mean *EVERYTHING* graphic related is client-side only. Server mostly works only with logic. Iirc only ever exception are guild emblems. And only because it needs to send them to other people. And, as far as I know, basic skin is located inside data.grf, "data\texture\À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º". But i'd put my finger on skins, they should be in skin folder near your client.
  12. 1) Just open SDE 2) Open item db 3) Use "[type] 6" as filter 4) Select 1 card, then ctrl+A 5) Edit sell & buy price on the right window (it will edit ALL selected items) 6) Save 7) ... 8) Profit!
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