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  1. I create a custom skill for homunculus and work correctly with id 8044. The problem is that with id 8045 forth, the skills not are shown in tree of skills of homunculus. I went on src/common/mmo.h and changed of: #define MAX_HOMUNSKILL 43 for: #define MAX_HOMUNSKILL 48 Not generated none erro in the compilation nor in emulator but even so the skill no is showed. I would like to know if exist something to do for increase this limit.
  2. @@Oxxy. I managed to solve, but when I type the word near the npc, nothing happens. Solved, i had forgotten to set up with pcre. Thanks.
  3. The image describes the error. @Edit I managed to solve PS: When I type the word near the npc, nothing happens.
  4. @@Mhalicot i followed his advice and did not work. I did that way and now the error is smaller: #include <stdio.h>#include <stdlib.h>#include <string.h> #define COMMON_HPMI_H //Added#define MAP_SCRIPT_H //Added#define MAP_PC_H //Added#define HPM_DATA_CHECK_H //Added#ifndef HPM_DATA_CHECK_H //Added #include "../common/HPMi.h"#include "../map/script.h"#include "../map/pc.h"#include "../common/HPMDataCheck.h" Error: addrid.c(136): fatal error C1004: unexpected end-of-file found What would this error?
  5. Error compiling plugins with the latest revision of Hercules. I tried to adapt but I did not succeed Plugin addrid: Image of error: Ps: It worked before
  6. I implemented a label as in the example below: https://github.com/MrKeiKun/Hercules/commit/a7280f7e1e1f3f78288d60df0fd7b77748c63fc7 The aim was to display a message when the character is attacking. Ps: It works, but is only displayed when the target dies. How can I make her be exbida when the char attacking or when selecting the target? The call of label is implemented here: clif.c: if( battle_config.idletime_criteria & BCIDLE_ATTACK ) npc->script_event(sd, NPCE_ATTACK); //Here sd->idletime = sockt->last_tick; unit->attack(&sd->bl, target_id, action_type != 0);
  7. Very very thank. It is very valuable, I will study hard. Very very thank. It is very valuable, I will study hard.
  8. Hi guys! Would you like to learn more about the source, could explain to me what siginica these variables? sd fd bl val &sd
  9. Thank @@Angelmelody, the implementations are in pc.c.
  10. Thank @@Angelmelody but to stay perfect, how can I find the implementation of OnPCKillEvent? Ps: I tried to search for these labels in every files and not i found. The reason is to base myself in this implementation to create others.
  11. Which files change, to add new labels and where I find the implementation of existing? example: OnPCKillEvent Ps: I found the statements, but not i found the implementations.
  12. @@Dastgir Could you give an example for me to understand better? Thanks!
  13. I wonder if the script commands work in the source. On the body of a skill can use a "month", for example? If you can not, how can I use these commands in the source or where I find?
  14. I checked the processes and everything was correct, i managed to solve with the topic below. Thank you. http://herc.ws/board/topic/512-skill-id-processing-overhaul/
  15. I followed this tutorial of detailed manner: http://herc.ws/wiki/Adding_new_skills See below, everything is correct, but the custom skill does not work. It's like she had disabled. The luasfiles are updated and are all correct, as the tutorial. What can I do to fix? PS: The custom skill is working in my clone. (Using @clone), but how is possible? because for me it happens the error where in my record video up. I tested too one sound in this skill custom, and now its working too i think the problem would in the .lua files, but for now all my files ( lua and data ), are up to date. @@Ind
  16. It is thus! and weapontable.lub it is thus: WEAPONTYPE_longsword = 98 [Weapon_IDs.WEAPONTYPE_longsword] = "_longsword" [Weapon_IDs.WEAPONTYPE_longsword] = Weapon_IDs.WEAPONTYPE_SWORD
  17. My problem persisting even after being recompiled... I said to just ignore it, it is not like anything in your server is not working Ok, Sorry.
  18. My problem persisting even after being recompiled...
  19. When I acess with a char has the following errors: How fix it? I use the last revision of hercules !
  20. thank so much, very nice, it's working. :)
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