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  1. Broken link do someone has a mirror of this? thanks in advance
  2. Awesome! Hercules is getting neater and neater. Thank you!
  3. To Ind, I may not know you personally but your devotion and contributions to hercules and ragnarok community are truly remarkable. Thanks for keeping us amazed every time. Good luck to your new endeavor in life. Not goodbye but we'll see you soon!
  4. ^ Update your System/ItemInfo.lub in your RO folder (not inside the grf)
  5. cJei

    Happy New Year

    Happy new year everyone!
  6. Good job GMOcean! This is very helpful and informative!
  7. ^ Try adding to your script that players should be forced to exit the map after a minute or so, after the event is done. But still be automatically given the reward though
  8. Thanks Judas. I'm not sure how to modify the client though. I'm not good with ollydb and the like. Dunno what to find There's no existing diff for this yet. Anyone knows what to adjust in client? Thanks for your help
  9. I'm not sure where to post this, I was thinking if this is related on diffing the client too or it's not doable. This will be applicable to all Healing skills too eg. Highness Heal. I was able to edit the source but somehow the client displays to a maximum of 32767 only. I'm using 20130807 client. Thanks in advance
  10. You should be using pre-renewal settings. Search the forum to be enlightened
  11. Thanks for sharing AnnieRuru! Works like magic
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