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  1. Try my host instead. We provide cpanel web hosting
  2. You can visit my blog to get prepared 2013-08-14 client with latest data folder 4.0 and also you can download latest KRO 2015. https://ragnarokspace.wordpress.com/category/links/ https://ragnarokspace.wordpress.com/category/my-stuff/
  3. Hi, Welcome to hercules! Enjoy your stay here.
  4. Hi guys, Check out my blog for fun to help newbie to manage their ragnarok server. https://ragnarokspace.wordpress.com/ anything related tools, software still credit to their owner.
  5. Hi there, Today i would like to share two script that enable you to play the jackpot game! 1st script : slot machine - original scripter is release by godaimet 2nd script : casino employee - my script which i modified from a simple "redeem script i found..uhmm...nowhere?" How it work? First, you need a exchange your zeny into token from the casino employee npc. From this script i set 1 token = 50k zeny. Note that you can also : exchange back the token into zeny redeem some special gift 2nd, you can start play the casino machine. Click on the casino machine npc. You can roll the machine as many time as you like and it will reduce 1 pcs of your coin every single time you roll it. During rolling the machine, it will goes randomly in 3 sequence alphabet. If you are lucky to get the same three Alphabet in a row, you will win the reward as stated on the previous picture Credits goes to the casino machine scripter owner godaimet and i hope you guys will have fun playing with this jackpot machine! slotmachine.txt casinoemployee.txt
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