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  1. doc/script_commands.txt: Search: *getitem2
  2. data\luafiles514\lua files\signboardlist.lub Or .lua PS: this file in your grf
  3. Link from NovaRO: https://novaragnarok.com/download/maps_gray.rar I readed another server, client can use /command to toggle gray map. Or... my memory is mistaken.
  4. Can we change aura and switch between gray map and normal ?
  5. Wait for it. That is what i need. Hope will be released soon
  6. Try to create a patch via git
  7. I alrealy love that kind Diary, i has been write one . For backend, i suggesting you use small framework than laravel. Laravel is strong with large project but with small it's not good. And Laravel required minimum PHP 5.6 or newer, i dont think your hosting manager accept install this for you if your hosting is running PHP < 5.6. Other point, laravel size too large... it's need ~200+ MB disk size. I suggesting: yii2, or Codeiginiter 3 Anyway, best lucky for you i see the enthusiasm on you.
  8. look at: /db/re/map_zone_db.conf
  9. Are you sure item ID from 18660 to 19223 exist ? count item with non-exist item will return 0 and 0 always < 100
  10. 1. @reloaditemdb 2, Drop and pick up again item or relog 3. Equip it
  11. Try use NPC ID instead monster ID, if NPC name will be blue
  12. Need more info haha. I don't understand - -"
  13. Account_data table: base_exp, base_drops, base_death must be 100 not 0
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