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  1. What do you expect? Functor is from Ukraine...Do you know what's happening in there?
  2. What's the replacement for getarrayindex on rAthena?
  3. Unless if you want to buy Rytech's 4TH JOB REPO
  4. Always LEARNED from the PRO. I've always fan of the K-Patcher since it was released now where is it now dump? There are lot of Patchers that are Project DOA. I'll set you as an example of this https://rathena.org/board/topic/105594-ragemu-100-renewal-emulator/ Goodluck! 😂 😂 😂
  5. Is there any way possible madam you can do for rAthena aswell? i would appreciate it thank you!
  6. Waiting for @AnnieRuru release
  7. What are the compatible Flux Rev for this V4P i tested with Latest it won't work.
  8. Hi, I just realized that when using Cloaking or any hiding skill and you have Pet your pet doesn't hide too. Is there a way I that the pet can hide too? Since I disabled Maya Purple. Thank you in advance!
  9. Thank you I'll be looking forward Cretino!
  10. Will you support for rA version?
  11. I added that still the same i think there something more need to modified as well? I realized that it's a lot of modification needs to be done. especially in src/char/ side
  12. Thank you for the help @4144 However there's an little issue everytime i completed my TKD Mission it won't give any points and proceed to another quest.
  13. I did try but still "skill has failed"...
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