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  1. i like the idea but honestly i would drag xxxxRO to the recycle bin in 0.5 seconds. Just use the rand command with numbers and ask the user to enter it in a set amount of time...........
  2. I don't think the version matters here, open your localhost connection and start adding the database tables. should be self explanatory here. Tables will not load if you don't have a connection.
  3. if you use xampp, aren't you supposed to download mySQL workbench inside of of the xampp bin folder? I can't support this though.
  4. Inochi


    if you're just making a test server and you just need to test scripts, get the .zip and do your own thing. if you really want updated code every so often (and you're planning to make a real server) get the svn! Tbh, the updated code can range from npc's to db edits, but i feel as though the majority is the source code which you probably won't be touching.
  5. would be great for IG events
  6. It's just a small script line to bring up the login db log in order to edit the server username and password. Another option to edit this is to do the following: 1. You should have 2 Main Databases named 'logs' and/or 'Hercules' (According to guide, it should be hercules) `logs` is the smaller database with logs for atcommand, npclog, etc `Hercules` is the HUGE database for ipbans, login, mail, etc. 2. Click Hercules, Click table, then Click the dropdown arrow on table to suspend the 40+ databases and scroll down to 'login' Open it with a right click and select 1000 something something, I don't remember.... The login should have the following format: Accound ID || user_id || user_pass || sex || email || ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. You need to edit the user id and password that matches your conf folder. If they do not match you will get the famous mysql connection lost connection using the password:YES! ~Hope that helped. I don't have Workbench on my mac and I'm just visualizing it in my head!
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