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  1. hi everyone. I am actually trying to use the SSO Login Packet wherein the player enters their game account credentials through the patcher. I tried to find some sources in the forum but I do not know where to begin. Does anyone has a guide on how to enable the SSO Login Packet and have it work?
  2. Would it be possible to attack a specific monster if the player is has a specific item in his inventory? For example: A player can only attack a poring if the player has an item stone in his/her inventory.
  3. @Ciar I tried to locate the name in data.grf for the skill effect name and it is actually the same (.str), I even ttied to change everything in data.grf to your skill effect but for some reason its dtill showing the old effect, I even tried to put it in data folder outside and patch the client using NEMO and its still the same. Im kinda confuse because I already chamge the one in data.grf but its still showing the old effect. why is that?
  4. @Ciar Sure I will look for them and by the way this happens to all skill effect that you have. I tried them all but nothing works. but I will try your suggestion and Ill let you know what will happen.
  5. How can I add custom skill effect or change the skill effect to a different one like on this link. I followed the instruction to simply extract this to data/texture/effect but the effect that is showing is still the original.
  6. same here. I added this to my custom grf but it wont load. its still showing the original.
  7. never mind I was able to find the solution and its working fine the way i wanted it to be.
  8. Hi guys. I just wanted to know, how can I make the regular heal to be an aoe heal by 3x3? For example if I use a skill to my party member or guild member the heal and the effect will be spread by 3x3 cell from the target member of the guild or party. Only a member of party or your guild will be healed. and if someone uses the heal to a non member of the party or guild the effect of the heal will be the same as the normal heal without the aoe heal.. I know this is something that needs to be modified in src/map/skill.cpp and I really dont know how to make it aoe. I hope someone can help me.
  9. How can I be able to check if a monster is attacking a player? I have this kind of script wherein if monster 1 is in idle or not attacking a player, the monster 2 will only receive 1 damage. But if the monster 1 is attacking a player, monster 2 will take a damage.
  10. Hi guys, I just wanted to know how to modify the assumptio skill. Like if the player wear a specific headgear the assumptio skill will be applied to the players within the 3x3 radius from the target of the assumptio skill. It doesnt matter whether the caster is on a party, guild or not.  It kinda similar to sanctuary. All players inside the radius of sactuary will be healed but this one all players within a 3x3 radius from the target will be buffed by assumptio.  Thanks in advance.
  11. can anyone help me on this party check. a leader will talk to the NPC for the whole party get warp to a specific map. the npc requirement will be > all party members should be in the map of prontera. if some member are not in this map the party leader will get a message that all party members must be in prontera. > all party members should be online. if some member are not online the party leader will get a message some of your party member are currently offline. > all party members should have this variable called TICKETMANIAC. if some party member does not have 1 TICKETMANIAC variable, the party leader will get a message some of your party member doesn't have enough TICKETMANIAC. if all party members including the leader meet the requirements > all party member will be warp to a specific map let say payon. > all party member TICKETMANIAC will decrease by 1. Thanks in advance ...
  12. is this compatible to the new version of hercules emulator?
  13. Hi everyone. In ragnarok client we have some alt functions like Alt + E => Opening Inventory Alt + S => Opening Skills Alt + Q => Opening Equipment and etc.. My questions are: 1. how can I make a custom Alt function. for example if I do Alt + D it will open a custom window. 2. how can I make the Alt + Q show the Equipment and the Stats together Im using client 2016-12-28aRagexeRE.
  14. @Jman actually there is no error message. its just that when I click restart the server or toggle some buttons its not doing the commands.
  15. Can anyone help me on how I can correctly setup the hat.php? When I tried to restart the server using this tool its not allowing me to do it. Please help setup the hat.php specially the SSH thingy. Thanks..
  16. Hi everyone, Can anyone help me with this script? PS: This is Goddameit Script // // // Author Goddameit // Version 2014/05/14 // Web http://goo.gl/0vY9GV // // prontera,150,180,4 script Party Dungeon#fb156df 100,{ if( .NP_GAME_STATUS ) { mes "Sorry, someone is playing."; close; } mes "Hi, do you want to join this game?"; if( select("No","Yes") == 1 ) close; next; if( getcharid(1) == 0 ) { mes "You need to join or create a party."; close; } if( getcharid(0) != getpartyleader(getcharid(1),2) ) { mes "You're not party leader"; close; } if( countitem(.SP_PLAYER_ITEM) == 0 ) { mes "You don't have any "+getitemname(.SP_PLAYER_ITEM); close; } getpartymember getcharid(1),2; getpartymember getcharid(1),1; if( $@partymembercount < .SP_PLAYER_NUM ) { mes "You need at least "+.SP_PLAYER_NUM+" player"; deletearray $@partymembercid[0],$@partymembercount; deletearray $@partymemberaid[0],$@partymembercount; $@partymembercount = 0; close; } .@amount = 0; for( .@i = 0; .@i<$@partymembercount; .@i++ ) { if( !isloggedin($@partymemberaid[.@i],$@partymembercid[.@i]) ) { $@partymemberaid[.@i] = 0; $@partymembercid[.@i] = 0; }else .@amount++; } if( .@amount < .SP_PLAYER_NUM ) { mes "You need at least "+.SP_PLAYER_NUM+" player"; deletearray $@partymembercid[0],$@partymembercount; deletearray $@partymemberaid[0],$@partymembercount; $@partymembercount = 0; close; } if( .NP_GAME_STATUS ) { mes "Sorry, someone is playing."; close; } .@amount = 0; delitem .SP_PLAYER_ITEM,1; .NP_GAME_LPID = getcharid(1); .NP_GAME_LAID = getcharid(3); .NP_GAME_LCID = getcharid(0); .NP_GAME_STATUS = 1; .NP_GAME_TICK = 600; deletearray .p_cid[0],.p_num; deletearray .p_aid[0],.p_num; .p_num = $@partymembercount; copyarray .p_cid[0],$@partymembercid[0],.p_num; copyarray .p_aid[0],$@partymemberaid[0],.p_num; deletearray $@partymembercid[0],$@partymembercount; $@partymembercount = 0; disablenpc "Treasure Chest#ukdfkbp"; Initnpctimer; mes "Done"; warpparty "guild_vs2",55,55,getcharid(1); close; end; OnTimer1000: if( !mobcount("guild_vs2",strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnKill") && .NP_GAME_STATUS == 1 ) { sleep2 5000; monster "guild_vs2",50,50,"--ja--",1002,1,strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnKill"; } if( .NP_GAME_TICK > 0 ) { .NP_GAME_TICK--; .@bool = 0; if( !isloggedin(.NP_GAME_LAID,.NP_GAME_LCID) ) .@bool = 1; if( .@bool == 0 ) { getmapxy(.@map$, .@x, .@y, 0, rid2name(.NP_GAME_LAID)); if( .@map$ != "guild_vs2" ) .@bool = 1; } if( .@bool == 1 ) { .NP_GAME_STATUS = -1; MapAnnounce "guild_vs2","[System]: You're team leader is gone!!",0; sleep2 2000; mapwarp "guild_vs2","prontera",150,180; .NP_GAME_STATUS = 0; }else Initnpctimer; } else { .NP_GAME_STATUS = -1; MapAnnounce "guild_vs2","[System]: Time Out!!",0; sleep2 2000; mapwarp "guild_vs2","prontera",150,180; .NP_GAME_STATUS = 0; donpcevent "Treasure Chest#ukdfkbp::OnCleanVar"; disablenpc "Treasure Chest#ukdfkbp"; } end; OnKill: detachrid; if( .NP_GAME_STATUS == 1 ) { .NP_GAME_STATUS = 2; MapAnnounce "guild_vs2","[System]: You win!!",0; killmonsterall "guild_vs2"; sleep2 2000; enablenpc "Treasure Chest#ukdfkbp"; donpcevent "Treasure Chest#ukdfkbp::OnCleanVar"; .NP_GAME_TICK = 120; $@NP_GAME_LPID = .NP_GAME_LPID; .@j = 0; for( .@i = 0; .@i<.p_num; .@i++ ) { if( !isloggedin(.p_aid[.@i],.p_cid[.@i]) ) continue; getmapxy(.@map$, .@x, .@y, 0, rid2name(.p_aid[.@j])); if( .@map$ != "guild_vs2" ) continue; $@p_aid[.@j] = .p_aid[.@i]; $@p_name$[.@j] = rid2name(.p_aid[.@i]); .@j++; } $@p_num = .@j; } end; OnInit: .SP_PLAYER_NUM = 2; .SP_PLAYER_ITEM = 501; disablenpc "Treasure Chest#ukdfkbp"; mapwarp "guild_vs2","prontera",150,180; end; OnCleanVar: donpcevent "Treasure Chest#ukdfkbp::OnCleanVar"; disablenpc "Treasure Chest#ukdfkbp"; deletearray .p_aid[0], .p_num; deletearray .p_cid[0], .p_num; .p_num = 0; .NP_GAME_LPID = 0; .NP_GAME_LAID = 0; .NP_GAME_LCID = 0; .NP_GAME_TICK = 0; end; } guild_vs2,50,50,0 script Treasure Chest#ukdfkbp 1324,{ function __st ; if( getcharid(0) != getpartyleader($@NP_GAME_LPID,2) ) end; .@item = 5; setarray .@item1max[0],607,10; setarray .@item2max[0],501,10; setarray .@item3max[0],502,10; setarray .@item4max[0],503,10; setarray .@item5max[0],504,10; while( __st() == 2 ) { mes " "; next; mes "------Less------"; for( .@i = 1; .@i<=.@item; .@i++ ) mes ""+getitemname(getd(".@item"+.@i+"max[0]"))+" X "+(getd(".@item"+.@i+"max[1]")-.@useitem[.@i])+""; if( (.@co = prompt(implode($@p_name$,":")+":[Send]")) == 255 ) { mes " "; next; close; } if( .@co > $@p_num ) { close2; detachrid; for( .@j = 0; .@j<$@p_num; .@j++ ) { for( .@i = 1; .@i<=.@item; .@i++ ) { getitem getd(".@item"+.@i+"max[0]"),getd(".@player"+.@j+"item["+.@i+"]"),$@p_aid[.@j]; sleep2 1; } } mapwarp "guild_vs2","prontera",150,180; donpcevent "Party Dungeon#fb156df::OnCleanVar"; end; } mes " "; next; .@co -= 1; if( .@co < 0 ) break; deletearray .@select$[0],.@item; next; mes "--- "+$@p_name$[.@co]+" ---"; for( .@i = 1; .@i<=.@item; .@i++ ) { .@select$[.@i-1] = ""+getitemname(getd(".@item"+.@i+"max[0]"))+" X "+(getd(".@player"+.@co+"item["+.@i+"]"))+""; mes ""+.@select$[.@i-1]; } if( (.@ct = prompt(implode(.@select$,":"))) == 255 ) continue; mes " "; next; mes "Adujust "+$@p_name$[.@co]+""; mes ""+.@select$[.@ct-1]+" to..."; input .@amount; if( .@amount < 0 ) .@amount = 0; if( (.@useitem[.@ct]-getd(".@player"+.@co+"item["+.@ct+"]")+.@amount) > getd(".@item"+.@ct+"max[1]") ) .@amount = getd(".@item"+.@ct+"max[1]")-.@useitem[.@ct]; setd ".@player"+.@co+"item["+.@ct+"]", .@amount; deletearray .@useitem[0], .@item; for( .@i = 1; .@i<=.@item; .@i++ ) for( .@j = 0; .@j<$@p_num; .@j++ ) set .@useitem[.@i], .@useitem[.@i] + getd(".@player"+.@j+"item["+.@i+"]"); } mes " "; next; close; end; OnCleanVar: deletearray $@p_aid[0], $@p_num; deletearray $@p_name$[0], $@p_num; $@p_num = 0; $@NP_GAME_LPID = 0; end; function __st { return getvariableofnpc(.NP_GAME_STATUS,"Party Dungeon#fb156df"); } } please help on changing the appearance of the items. because in this script the item reward is already fixed meaning whatever is in there those are the only items the player will get. How can I change it to "the item will appear by chances or percentage? example in this part setarray .@item1max[0],607,10; //100% chance to show setarray .@item2max[0],501,10; //75% chance to show setarray .@item3max[0],502,10; //50% chance to show setarray .@item4max[0],503,10; //25% chance to show setarray .@item5max[0],504,10; //1% chance to show those items will only show by chances or percentage to the treasure pool. I hope someone can help me with this.
  17. @meko This is my script please fix this for me. prontera,150,150,5 script Jump 123,{ set .Map$,.Maps$[rand(getarraysize(.Maps$))]; announce "Jumper Event : Go Find me!! I'm here in "+.Map$+"!!!",bc_yellow; goto OnStart; OnStart: while(1) { //Initiate an infinite loop set $@jx,rand(0,300); //Set a randon X coordinate set $@jy,rand(0,300); //Set a random Y coordinate if(checkcell(""+.Map$+"",$@jx,$@jy,cell_chkpass)) break; //If cell is walkable break out of the loop } movenpc "GM Athena#"+.Map$+"",$@jx,$@jy; //move the NPC while( 1 ){ delwaitingroom; waitingroom "Hello World",0; end; } end; OnInit: setarray .Maps$[0],"prontera"; // Possible maps end; } prontera,1,1,1 duplicate(Jump) Jump#prt 123 NOTE: The NPC is already jumping to a random walkable coordinates in a map however the waitingroom or pub of the NPC on top of its head is not showing.. please help me fix this one. The only problem of this script is the waitingroom or pub.
  18. H there everyone, How can I make the appearance of an NPC randomly to a specific map? This for the hide and seek event actually. I tried to use this one but it seems not working prontera,0,0,0 script Hide and Seek 123,{ "script area here" } The NPC is not showing. even if I tried to put it on a small map. No NPC appeared. Need help guys. Thanks.
  19. UP for this topic. Can anyone please help us?
  20. Hi guys how can I connect 2 different active server in 1 flux only? I tried to edit the config of flux but its not working. what I need is players can register in flux and it will automatically saved on both database of 2 server. and they will be able to login to those server using the same login information they created.
  21. bump to this topic. Sorry !!
  22. hello does anyone knows how to do this? if the player click an NPC a Sell window will appear. Player can only sell one equipment at a time (only equipment item can be sell). If a player put 1x hat (ID: 2220) and click on sell, a progress bar will appear for 10 seconds and after that the player will get 1 or 2 Gold Coin (ID: 671). However if the player put 1x Cap (ID: 2226) and click on sell, a progress bar will appear for 10 seconds and after that the player will get 1 or 2 Bronze Coin (ID: 673). If the player put an item other than the item mentioned above and the player click the sell button. The trade will be cancelled automatically. I hope someone can help me on doing this.
  23. @meko How can I make it apply to all MVPs?
  24. Hi there to all scripters, How can I make an MVP card to be announced when the player got an MVP card from an MVP and automatically get the card. example: If a player was able to kill the Baphomet and it drop its card, the card will automatically be taken by the player who killed the MVP. and it will be broadcasted to the server. [Player 1] got Baphomet Card from Baphomet
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