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Add disabled_status to map_zone_db.conf or mapflag

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I was thinking, how about a disabled_status mapflag or map zone conf?

How it would work is whenever 'SC_STATUS' is specified in that mapflag (or map zone?), it will automatically end or not allow that status to take place.


Example hypothetical mapflag:


prtg_cas01     mapflag    nostatus    SC_ASSUMPTIO


In this instance, when on the map prtg_cas01, even if a player can use a skill which does this status (i.e. Assumptio, High Priest Skill), the status will not take effect.

And any new players entering this map will automatically lose SC_ASSUMPTIO.


Or it could work in map_zone_db.conf. This example would do the same as above for Blessing and Assumptio statuses.


disabled_status: {
      SC_ASSUMPTIO: true
      SC_BLESSING: true


Erm, just throwing an idea I thought of out there. Let me know what you guys think.

Even if it's not suitable for official herc, maybe it will inspire someone :P

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Why not just disable the skills that cause those status instead of disabling the status themselves? And you can easily remove them when the player enters the map with OnPCLoadMapEvent

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9 hours ago, kyeme said:

My old suggestion here: 


wow happy to see an old suggestion finally get its share haha

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