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March - April Digest 2019

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March - April Digest 2019

The following digest covers the month of March 1st - April 30th 2019

Team Changes

  • @Mystery is stepping back from his role as Community Administrator. 
  • @Ridley is taking the role as Community Administrator


Development Highlights

  • Added configuration to enable/disable achievement system (#2170)
  • Updated packets, shuffle packets, keys and messages up to 2019-04-03 and added packet CZ_STYLE_CLOSE (#2406)
    • Server is now sending Ping packets or clients 20190320 RE+
  • Add chat command /resetcooltime
  • Add allow call option
  • Open macro ui in client by request


Developmental Changes

  • getinventorylist now creates extra variable named @inventorylist_idx, which returns items corresponding
    inventory index. (#2401)
  • *gettimestr is now updated by *getcalendartim (#2388)
  • change *rand() into *rnd() to prevent certain compiler issues (#2403)
  • Deprecate *petstat and add CONSTANTS to *getpetinfo (#2398)
  • Rename clif_charnameack into clif_blname_ack
  • Add new server define constant MAX_ITEM_ID  (#2367)
  • Add optional parameter for *showscript to send target to SELF only (#2415)
  • Improvents on RoDex (#2437)
    • Add account id and char id into inter server rodex update packet
    • Improve get zeny and items from rodex
  • Automatically migrate pets to the new system that keeps hatched eggs in the inventory (#2428)


Bug Fixes

  • Fix UDT_LEVEL when show_mob_info level display is on (#2408)
  • Fix pet autofeed feature (#2417)
  • Fiix a bug when loading mob_skill_db.sql (#2416)
  • Add missing enum value for clif_feel_req
  • Fix possible null pointers in battle.c and clif.c
  • Fix @bodystyle crash client (#2402)

    Special thanks to

    @Haru @4144 @hemagx @AnnieRuru @louisplag @KirieZ

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