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Guild Emblem wont show. Need help


Hi Guys,

Why is that my guild emblem is not showing? Im using the FF:
1) latest Hercules

2) Asheraf and ZackdreaverRE English Data folder

3) 2019-06-26bRagexeRE
4) Patches:


1 Use Tilde for Matk
258 Enable Shortcut All Item
264 Set Tip Button
8 Custom Window Title
265 Set Shop Button
9 Disable 1rag1 type parameters (Recommended)
13 Disable Ragexe Filename Check (Recommended)
16 Disable Swear Filter
17 Enable Official Custom Fonts
19 Enable Title Bar Menu
20 Extend Chat Box
21 Extend Chat Room Box
22 Extend PM Box
23 Enable /who command (Recommended)
24 Fix Camera Angles (Recommended)
28 Increase Headgear ViewID
289 Fix Homunculus attack AI
290 Hide build info in client (Recommended)
34 Enable /showname (Recommended)
291 Hide packets from peek (Recommended)
35 Read Data Folder First
36 Read msgstringtable.txt (Recommended)
38 Remove Gravity Ads (Recommended)
295 Change Max Party Value
39 Remove Gravity Logo (Recommended)
41 Disable Nagle Algorithm (Recommended)
43 Always Use Email for Char Deletion
44 Translate Client (Recommended)
46 Use Normal Guild Brackets (Recommended)
305 Hide tip button
50 Skip License Screen
64 @ Bug Fix (Recommended)
65 Load Custom lua file instead of iteminfo*.lub (Recommended)
75 Enable Flag Emoticons
76 Enforce Official Login Background
84 Remove Serial Display (Recommended)
90 Enable DNS Support (Recommended)
95 Use SSO Login Packet
106 Hide BG Button
109 Hide Rodex Button
110 Hide Achievements Button
113 Hide Quest Button
205 Enable Monster Tables
208 Restore Cash Shop Icon
210 Use Custom Icon
213 Disable Help Message on Login (Recommended)
218 Show Exp Numbers
229 Enable Emblem hover for BG
231 Remove hardcoded address/port (Recommended)
232 Restore old login packet (Recommended)
234 Ignore Lua Errors
235 Enable guild while in clan
248 Remove wrong chars from cash shop
253 Skip some hidden menu icon buttons

Things I already did:
1) Created emblem folder inside RO folder
2) Created 24x24 (16, 24, 256bit) bmp emblem
3) Emblem is not showing when clicking it. See image below:


Francisco Apuado

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Usually it is recommended to check which features you want/need, and which nemo patches you may want to use, after that, just pick a client that matches your needs.

For example, anything newer than 2019-06 would have the new guild emblems which is not implemented, so you may want to go with a previous date to have guild emblems. But if you want rodex, you would  need at least 2015-05 or something around that. Another thing to consider are which nemo patches you may want to apply, as some won't work for some client dates.

Unfortunately there's no list of features/client date, but for patches you may check nemo.herc.ws

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Recent clients (IIRC >= 2019-06) uses a new format for guild emblems which is not supported by Hercules yet, you have to use an older client

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Thanks for your reply. I tried 2019-05-30aRagexeRE, it now shows the guild emblem.

What client would you suggest for a replacement for my current client(2019-06-26bRagexeRE)

Francisco Apuado

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