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  1. Directly sql_connection.conf not support import folder. But you can use hack for any conf files loaded from "@import". But for this need duplicate this file for each server. for login, for char and for map. Store your file in this dirs conf/import/include/login-server/conf/global/sql_connection.conf conf/import/include/char-server/conf/global/sql_connection.conf conf/import/include/map-server/conf/global/sql_connection.conf
  2. you can use tools/skilldbconverter.php
  3. Probably it disabled in sakray clients only? I tested on 2022-11-02 and /skip works. It show on/off messages. Try use non sakray clients. See here: http://nemo.herc.ws/downloads/ In sakray exists in instruction this line You should select clients where this line missing in instructions.
  4. this is hercules forum, but you wrote hello rathena. you sure it disabled? it should works fine. may be in some only old clients it disabled? Also this command was not exists in zero and was added to zero not long ago.
  5. what are you doing? look like you try to apply default hercules commits to outdated hercules? but why? you said something about plugins...
  6. no sure what is your issue. why you changed clif_isdisguised to disguised ?
  7. 4144

    Nemo patcher

  8. 4144

    Nemo patcher

  9. My patches only add preview to old cash shop aka trader shop and normal cash shop. Barter and expanded barter shops should have built in preview. Probably issue in lua or in types/location sent to client.
  10. if server terminated for some reason, this mean you have other issue. probably this is because missing part of this tutorial. For arm you must use configure flag --disable-manager. This need because memory manager very old and buggy, and works only on x64 arch. . ./configure --disable-manager
  11. how it prevent server from starting? it show message and do nothing else
  12. You can ignore this error/warning, because no other clock sources exists in your system.
  13. 4144

    Nemo patcher

  14. 4144

    Nemo patcher

  15. no this is custom feature. need only support for preview at all. this is probably 2018 or near. i not remember exact version. i remember in 2015 clients preview not present.
  16. 4144

    Nemo patcher

    may be you using too old operating system? It complain about bad certificate. Try also disable vpn if you have it enabled. I checked on 2019-04-17aRagexe and it works fine.
  17. New feature: Items preview in trader shop Can be enabled by: 1. defining ENABLE_OLD_CASHSHOP_PREVIEW_PATCH in core.h or by configure flag --enable-old-cashshop-preview-patch 2. Then need apply this nemo patch http://nemo.herc.ws/patches/ExtendOldCashShopPreview/ Feature can works only if option in server side enabled and enabled patch in client side. In other case custom shops will be corrupted For enable this feature need use this pull request https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/pull/3152
  18. 4144

    Nemo patcher

  19. probably you corrupted configure by copy files from windows? you can regenerate configure by this command autoreconf but if this is windows issue, need fix many other files.
  20. official client - C++ hercules - C
  21. emulators support only kro for support iro you should modify your emulator. but you can get resources from iro and try use them in kro with hercules.
  22. error show you have issue in connection between servers. probably you run more than once server instance on same ip address? try close all servers and left only one hercules instance.
  23. https://board.herc.ws/topic/20151-http-support-in-hercules-funding/
  24. after sprintf, add aFree(item_name); and why memcpy? server may crash if name too short. probably better strncpy or safestrncpy
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