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    Hercules Ultimate Localization Design

    Hercules Ultimate Localization Design Hello~! - What?! Servers are now able to run under any number of languages, without having any of the default files modified Designed by Haruna and Ind Translating NPCs without editing them By launching map server with the --generate-translations param a .pot (.po template) file will be created with all of the servers translate-able strings (including all npc dialogue), this file can be edited in text mode or by utilising any .po editor (there are many out there; for a high range of OSes) A .po file does not need to be fully translated to be used, map server will know when loading the file, and will fallback to the hardcoded string in the npc files as necessary Users are able to change their language with the new @lang command, @lang controls what language users see in @commands (msg_txt stuff) as well as over npc dialogues map-server.conf has a new setting called default_language where server owners may specify which language should be used as a base When you have a new .po file you want map server to use, add it to db/translations.conf Easy to Maintain Since .po is a widely used format there are many tools that can help with merging for example Poedit, which easily consolidates a translated .po file with a newly generated .pot. For example when you have a translated .po and since it was created npc dialogs were added or modified all you have to do is launch map server to generate a new .pot, open your old .po in Poedit, go "Catalog -> Update from POT file" and it will insert the new translatable strings without touching your existing translations, it will also notify you of any "obsolete" strings that are in your .po file but that are no longer in useScript Command Macro Besides messages.conf, all the dialogue utilised by 'mes' and 'select' is included in the .pot automatically, this patch also introduces a mechanism for utilising strings outside of these commands, the script macro _() which can be employed just as if it were a script function, for example set .@status$,_("Available"); tells map server to export "Available" as a translate-able string when it is run with --generate-translations (when running map server normally the macro has no overhead during runtime)Special Thanks to Raizen and Roberto from Cronus, we would not have worked on this if it weren't for themLinks~! CommitEditing Example
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    New life for RO

    This looks like a great project. RO is essentially the "skin" for the project I'm currently doing, but I'm not married to the game itself. I really look forward to any attempts to reinvent the client as you've imagined. Will be following.
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    Kuya Jeo

    Mass Seller

    Try to put another condition in this part if( !@inventorylist_equip[.@i] ){ something like this. if( !@inventorylist_equip[.@i] && getiteminfo( @inventorylist_id[.@i], ITEMINFO_TYPE ) == IT_ETC´╗┐){ i really dont test it. maybe just give it a try.
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