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  1. Is there a way to avoid copyright policy when uploading your custom apk? Or any private server successfully uploaded it on play store?
  2. See this post and your request is not very clear.
  3. Great Idea. Why not just provide the x and y coordinate instead of navigation?
  4. It's because any temporary variables are removed from the npc once the server restarts or once the npc been reloaded. Your rates will be 0 because any 0 value divided by any amount (100) will always return 0. It's better to use OnTimer<tick>. See documentation for more info.
  5. Yes, that's what I'm doing now. It will now support my server with packetver of 20191127. *Still have a lot of fixes to do once I entered map server* 😅 I did multiple test to get the correct pin code to send. The pin arrangement is hidden in the seed sent by the server. I can't figure out which one is the right keypad. Sending "4321" pin code directly will be read as different pin in the server, decrypted into "3849" (Just random number sample). Once compared, the server will return wrong pin packet.
  6. Hello guys, I need some help regarding pincode. I'm sending packet (0x8b8) for checking pincode but I encountered unknown packet. It seems like not returning the actual packet I've expected which is the 0xae9 or 0x8b9. See attached file. I'm not sure if I'm sending the correct string. Do I also need to decrypt the seed?
  7. Hello Guys, Do anyone have an updated list of packets? This link https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/wiki/Packets is not updated. I need packets up to 2019. Hopefully some could share. Thanks, VirusJ
  8. I'm also working on roBrowser for my server. I did drag and drop my grf files to browser in order to load the grf to my local. I haven't tried on remote. PS. I'm stuck on packets. >_<
  9. Yeah, currently can only set the mapflag zone, see npc/mapflag/zone.txt.
  10. It depends. You should be able to guess it if you made those changes either in source files or the scripts. If it does not happen before, you should know what to do.
  11. I prefer using this. *initnpctimer({"<NPC name>"{, <Attach Flag>}}) *initnpctimer({<Attach Flag>}) *stopnpctimer({"<NPC name>"{, <Detach Flag>}}) *stopnpctimer({<Detach Flag>}}) *startnpctimer({"<NPC name>"{, <Attach Flag>}}) *startnpctimer({<Attach Flag>}) *setnpctimer(<tick>{, "<NPC name>"}) *getnpctimer(<type of information>{, "<NPC name>"}) *attachnpctimer({"<character name>"}) *detachnpctimer({"<NPC name>"}) Disguise Event is a good reference for timer.
  12. Avoid using while() loop as much as possible. You may use freeloop(true) as recommend in doc. Also avoid using "OnPCLoadMapEvent:".
  13. Why not use bAddMonsterDropItem instead? You can set which item drop and the rate.
  14. It might be related to your scripts having infinite loop or something else related to script.
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