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  1. Thank you for the idea but i already got the dropdate source kindalate but it's 100% working
  2. annies not activate maybe hmppp
  3. Possible to have reward if reach 500 peak
  4. may i request npc that if peak is gotten 500 all player will receive reward at the npc
  5. Just Disable Renewal it will automatically 13.2
  6. hope someone update this
  7. like in rathena bonus2 addroprate in costumes i cant see herc have this this is the only thing i dnt like in herc because of item script about bonus drop in item script
  8. oh really thank you so much....! BTW the drop rate if 100% is no drop i think it's revert case
  9. NVM i just add all monster manually
  10. bonus2 Droprate already been removed in herc git can u make 1 in plugins
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