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  1. The desktop client is deprecated, since it is seriously outdated even compared to the web client. In order to make it work you have to enable popups (the site uses and old portal engine). The screenshots are made using roBrowser (https://play.ragna.ro). This is the preferred client on my server.
  2. Hi everyone! In the last few years I have been continuing the development of roBrowser. I implemented many features and effects and also searched the internet for every roBrowser fork and tried to merge and finish every development that was made outside of the main repo. The client became pretty playable compared to other versions, but there is much to be done and I am short handed on people. Some awesome guys already joined and implemented/working on much needed stuff, but there is more required. I am writing to gain some attention and perhaps someone could help us in getting the client in shape. If you are not interested in development, but you can help us in acquiring information about assets/layouts/"how to do it", that would be also a huge help! I have to spend hours listening to effect sounds and watch animations and on top of all translate their names from korean/latin1 gibberish to get exactly what we need and it is a really tiring task. If you are interested in none of those, but you have roBrowser on your server (that is unfortunately pretty outdated now), check out our version and consider using it. Everyone can use this fork and anyone can join the effort. There is only one request I have: if you implement/fix something, don't forget to open a pull request, so everyone can benefit The repository is located here: https://github.com/MrAntares/Ragna.roBrowser And finally some screenshots that contain things we implemented/fixed, but keep in mind, everything is WIP and many things are still missing: - Pushcart and related GUIs and other features like Forging, Brewing, Arrow Crafting, Alt+M shortcuts, Weapon sounds, Critical and combo damage display, Taming, and many more - Status effects (coloring) - Map Effects - Hard coded skill and item effects and of course sounds - Sprite based effects - Minimap icons - Skillbar cooldown display (as of yet the old style, but the clock style is also in the barrel) It also works on mobile and we try to improve the experience by adding UI elements/features that support us in the handheld environment, like - Full screen button in the top left corner - Exit battle mode/ open chat on the bottom left side of the ChatBox
  3. @zackdreaver Sorry but the skill descriptions are still not good in some cases. Example: changed to ground targeted: https://rathena.org/board/tracker/issue-6331-renewal-lightening-joltlightning-crash/?gopid=12498#entry12498 [SKID.WZ_VERMILION] = {"Lord of Vermilion","Max Level : 10","^777777Requirement : Thunder Storm 1,","Jupitel Thunder 5^000000","Skill Form: ^777777Offensive^000000","Property: ^bbbb00Lightning^000000","Target: ^777777Ground^000000","Description: ^777777Summon explosive lightning to","strike a targeted area. Also has a low chance of","inflicting the Blind status to enemies.^000000","[Lv 1]:^77777760sp, 100% Matk, 15 sec cast time^000000","[Lv 2]:^77777764sp, 120% Matk, 14.5 sec cast time^000000","[Lv 3]:^77777768sp, 140% Matk, 14 sec cast time^000000","[Lv 4]:^77777772sp, 160% Matk, 13.5 sec cast time^000000","[Lv 5]:^77777776sp, 180% Matk, 13 sec cast time^000000","[Lv 6]:^77777780sp, 200% Matk, 12.5 sec cast time^000000","[Lv 7]:^77777784sp, 220% Matk, 12 sec cast time^000000","[Lv 8]:^77777788sp, 240% Matk, 11.5 sec cast time^000000","[Lv 9]:^77777792sp, 260% Matk, 11 sec cast time^000000","[Lv 10]:^77777796sp, 280% Matk, 10.5 sec cast time^000000" changed to: https://rathena.org/board/tracker/issue-6333-renewal-lord-of-vermilion/?gopid=12500#entry12500 Also, some changes are mentioned nowhere, like holy cross dealing double damage with 2h spears.. Unfortunately I modified my original report which had all the changes that got implemented on rA back then (so it came to herc as well), but I think there are still some links in there: https://rathena.org/board/tracker/issue-5302-renewal-skill-changes-are-not-applied-for-some-skills/?gopid=6882#entry6882
  4. any good source for renewal skill desc beside irowiki? Only Original kRO SkillDescript(we have it on our repo in folder named kRO_lua) <- That's original as it is decompiled lua from kRO For formulas battle.c, skill.c, status.c
  5. Hello. How is re/pre-re managed in the client files? I mean a lot of skills formulas has changed, yet I see the old formulas in every description. Is there a setting for RE descriptions? Or they are simply not updated? This is a years old problem. Nearly all skill descriptions are misleading, and a lot of player complain about them
  6. If I have a 2012-04-10 client will it use lua data files somehow instead of for example idnum2itemdesc.txt? Do I have to use or not use a diff for that? Or will it work only with newer clients? Thank you!
  7. Infiltrator description missing the +50% demihuman.
  8. Hi! The Extended Chat Box diff is broken. It works in gould, party chat but in public chat not. You can write long texts and see your own long texts, but others don't see it. Is there any hope that this will be fixed?
  9. Unfortunately I don't have official server account, but Metaling, Pitman, should drop iron pretty frequently. About Phracon/Emveracton: It should be buyable in every blacksmith house from a blonde guy as I remember, but again, I can only relate to non officials :/ +Steel can be created with Genetic (Change material -> Tsurugi[1] (buyable in prt weapon shop) -> 10 steel) +Rough ores: Explosion & Kaho (8 & 10% and they are on the same place in magma dungeon).
  10. Lol. Since I use console via SSH to admin the server, I would'n be able to see things like this, and I bet many admins do the same ^^. To update the server we use a bash script, and you can do the same on windows with a batch. But this is a little offtopic
  11. My main is GX, but honestly, I love all of 'em ^^. Maybe my RK is the strongest but if I think about good memories, then pure simple 2nd class Assassin wins
  12. We can show the revision numbers to only those we implement now and we already know. It's not super neccessary to look it up to the fist thing.
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