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  1. The first warning about ".m$pacporing4" is originated in line 312: OnInit: getmapxy(getd(".m$"+strnpcinfo(3)),getd(".x"+strnpcinfo(3)),getd(".y"+strnpcinfo(3)),1); end; As far as I could see, that var is there only to fill the args needed by getmapxy command. It has no use in the script, as .x and .y has with the proper npcs. To fix it, just change the getd for the nex one: getd(".m"+strnpcinfo(3)+"$") I fix the indentation of the script, remove the menu commands and some gotos and change the set commands for direct assignation. I think it's a little bit more readeable now, here you have it: I didn't check about the infinite loop warning.
  2. To change skin color of a character you need to edit the palettes for every character, like this: If you check, there is one gradient that sets skin color. You need to change every pallet from body and head to set the skin color you may want. In fact, it is not as hard as it sounds, but only a very huge load of work for anybody who may want to try it. The hard thing is to get the exact color for skin, since can exist multiple skin colours.
  3. Ragno

    Limit Array

    It has almost no limit: For more info about arrays on Hercules, please check: http://herc.ws/board/topic/3886-hercules-1st-2014-megapatch/
  4. You are totally right, and also there are the constants for item types, but not for Loc and View fields. I also try to put the upper field separated as job, but it wasn't successful.
  5. Most values are semi intuitive to understand, but can ask for specific support for skills. Also, there is a converter from old txt to new .conf format: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/master/tools/skilldbconverter.php But I don't know how to setup php scripts, so I can't give you support on that.
  6. Yesterday I submit a new issue with new template and it felt like were too much fields to fill for what I was reporting. "Description" and "Current Behaviour" it's like almost the same. Branch could be assumed to be "master" since other branches are more specific and those may be exceptions to it. Also an issue related to databases or npcs maybe could not require git hash/revision and leave it as optional, since it is more needed in src issues. I like new templates, but maybe could be a little more flexible when posting issues. If you let me suggest, please bring a field to propose the "kind" of issue (if its related to core, to npcs, to documentation, to database, etc), I think it would help to categorize the issue.
  7. Yes, and I forgot to mention, Haru provides support for convert item_db.txt and mob_db.txt to conf files: http://haru.ws/hercules/ You can use that for conversion, but, if you have all your items in sql, then you need first to convert them previously to .txt (.csv format).
  8. There are some numeric values that are constant to all items and doesn't change, it could be changed to constants and improve the understanding of item_db. Those values are: Type, Upper, Gender, Loc, View (can be seen constant name on lub files), Stack and Sprite. Example: { Id: 1626 AegisName: "Piercing_Staff" Name: "Piercing Staff" Type: TYPE_WEAPON Buy: 20 Weight: 500 Atk: 80 Matk: 145 Range: 1 Job: { Magician: true Acolyte: true Priest: true Wizard: true Monk: true Sage: true } Upper: { Upper: true Third Job: true Upper Third Job: true Baby Third Job: true } Loc: LOC_WEAPON WeaponLv: 3 EquipLv: 70 View: WEAPONTYPE_ROD Script: <" bonus bInt,4; bonus bIgnoreMdefRate,10+getrefine(); "> }, In this example is changed values from Type, Upper, Loc and View to constants.
  9. As @4144 said, Hercules uses .conf files with a structure more human readable. This is an example for item_db.conf: { Id: 1625 AegisName: "Healing_Staff" Name: "Healing Staff" Type: 4 Buy: 20 Weight: 400 Atk: 10 Matk: 105 Range: 1 Job: { Acolyte: true Priest: true Monk: true } Loc: 2 WeaponLv: 3 EquipLv: 55 View: 10 Script: <" bonus bAtkEle,Ele_Holy; bonus bHealPower,(getrefine()*3/2); "> }, However, if you still need to have updated item_db in sql format, you can convert the .conf file to .sql with this plugin: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/wiki/Db2sql
  10. Hercules uses sql as default (and only uses sql, doesn't use txt databases). You may want to setup a new Hercules default server to explore and watch how Hercules works. In this topic you can find a very good guide about how to install sql databases: http://herc.ws/board/topic/1574-tutorial-preparing-database-ragnarok-for-pre-compiled-hercules/ Here you can download a precompiled server: http://herc.ws/board/files/file/25-hercules-win32-for-ragexe-20130703/ And here you can find the newest version of hercules: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/ After having tested and experienced hercules, you may want to convert your sql databases from eAthena to Hercules with the tools provided on "sql-files\upgrades" folder: eAthena-logs-upgrade.sql eAthena-main-upgrade.sql
  11. Hercules doesn't use txt database, instead uses also sql db and provide two sql files for conversion: Hercules\sql-files\upgrades\eAthena-logs-upgrade.sql Hercules\sql-files\upgrades\eAthena-main-upgrade.sql Both of them can be found on GitHub: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules If you want to export query sql into a txt file, I'm not used on it.
  12. Maybe they just have the template for it or it may be hard to search for specific values. I'm actually working on this, mostly because the sign quest, we always have players who doesn't receive some quest items because inventory is full.
  13. I didn't know that configuration. Thank you very much!
  14. I want to ask if is possible to make a configuration to enable/disable recording of any kind of warning in console (maybe anything show with printf command) to save it on a txt log inside emulator folder, so admins can easily check any history log of warnings.
  15. Thank you a lot, I finally did it. I tried it over 3 months ago and finally did it. Thank you all guys for help with this.
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