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  1. Sorry for the long delay to answer! Yeah, I'm not that good on web dev. I'll do that, thanks for the tip!
  2. ROLibrary is a new community I'm creating that hopefully will be able to improve the RO Scenario a little bit. I'll explain why a bit down there. The idea started because after I stopped playing competitively, I realized that RO ideas simply wouldn't stop coming and I'd start to create a lot of random texts, notes, suggestions and ideas that never really went anywhere. I was almost considering paying someone to develop these ideas to me so I could keep them with me as some sort of "personal collection". However, after multiple discussions in some discord channels I realized that I should try to help the RO scenario a little bit. So that's why I had the idea to create the ROLibrary. The idea consists of a collaborative forum aiming to consolidate actually useful guides and information, identify RO main issues nowadays and to create a solid base to encourage our members to suggest changes they would like to see in the game. One of our objectives is to be a reliable point of information that won't disappear like most information stored on server forums, that'll be gone as soon as the server dies. After a while (approx. in the end of the year), our plan is to pay a developer (Protimus, from brAthena) to get some of the suggestions developed and store them in a protected area. We'll then choose servers and admins we consider good people and that are in this admin world because they have good intentions and give some of our developed systems/solutions for free. Then hopefully we'll be able to support the good admins to compete against the cashgrab and/or corrupt ones. The forum is divided into 3 parts: Information Database - An area dedicated to useful RO information and guides. From the in-game stuff to the act of creating and managing a server. I'm still creating the guides but I'm already almost finished with the pre-renewal woe class guides. Brainstorm Area - The place where we'll discuss known RO issues, game design flaws and server management errors and based on the identified issues, propose changes to improve the game. Developer's Hub - In order to have a balanced community with players and developers, we also encourage every admin and developer to post about their projects and even showcase finished content in our showcase area. We also have a area to discuss about current servers freely and without any moderation from the server admins. So I gladly invite you guys to check it out and even showcase your stuff there if you liked our idea. You can access it through http://ragnaroklibrary.com/forum/. To post, you'll need to be promoted to 'Members' group. To get automatically promoted, simply create a quick presentation thread. Hope you all like it and feedbacks are welcome!
  3. @Dastgir As you're my first option, can you confirm if you're still offering these paid services? Otherwise I'll try to find someone else . Thanks!
  4. Hello,

    Are you still offering those paid services? I'm really interested in some of them. 


  5. tnznt

    Tree of Savior

    Well, you can still be rich by getting just Thara Cards at Lv.50, be a Pure Forger and just buy supplies from PvM people, you can also merch items. Anyway, there's plenty of stuff to do and a huge variety of maps to go. In ToS you HAVE TO follow this script where from Lv.1~20 you will be at Region X, at Lv.30~60 Region Y and there's no other alternatives. While in RO you can easily explore the whole world while you level.
  6. tnznt

    Tree of Savior

    How come you guys like this game? This is basically Ragnarok Battle Offline with better graphics. Theme-Park as hell, you can't really do stuff if you don't level up through the maps (That's basic linear too). Also, do you guys know that that card-game stuff on ToS is what Card System in RO was supposed to be? RO went 1000x better without him.
  7. Hey guys, just to be clear here: I'm NOT advertising any server, I'm not a programmer so these are just ideas in case anyone is willing to create it. If you're interested, PM ME. I don't want any money for it, I just want to help in the developing. Ragnarok Annihilation - The PK Server Concept It's been a while that I'm watching the regular RO, specially privates, literally dying. People are growing up, playing other games (LoL, CS:GO, DotA, HS etc). So I thought to myself, why don't we change a little bit the RO 'Metagame'? I mean,we're all tired of killing the same monsters over and over again, just like an pre-defined script, so we can get to the WoE Phase, get our gear and log in just once a week until the server dies. So I wondered, why not change this path to WoE instead of changing just the WoE, like most admins do? I'm not a programmer, so what you'll be seeing here are just ideas of what it should look like. If there's any programming limitations, please let me know so I can rethink about something else. Target Audience As I said before, I know RO is dying and we don't have that much more players left. So the audience will be specially PvM and PvP players. WoE players will also be a part of the playerbase since there'll be WoEs, but the server itself won't be designed around WoE. It's also designed for older people, since the quests will contain some references to stuff that old people will get, and the younger audience isn't that used to this kind of server, since most of them started to play after Renewal and also in the MOBA Era. Competitors There won't be any real competition as the server format is pretty unique and won't be fighting for players with any other server. The players that'll play will be probably really loyal to ther server if they got to like it. Marketing Advertising the server is one of the most important parts, that said, here are some measures taken to increase server's reach: Vote Points using auths by http://motivoters.com/. Video Making Awards. Special Rewards for Streamers In-game and special forum tag/area. Friend Referral System. The Lore Ragnarok Annihilation will be a distopia that starts right after the Satan Morroc incident. After Satan Morroc's awakening, cities and politicians are unable to control their population, resulting in a high number of crimes and murders in areas next to cities. Rune Midgard is now home of survivors, that'll do anything to continue alive.Players now get to continue their journey to be powerful and known but have to face new enemies, and those could be hiding anywhere. Don't trust anyone. Configurations Rates: 20x Exp/60x Drops/5x MvP cards The episode’ll be Pre-Renew, but players will have a hard time getting to transclasses because of the pre-req quest. First Spawn: In the first login, the first thing that'll come up will be a box asking which city he wants to start. After that, the player'll start at lv. 10/10, inside a house in the city chosen. There'll be a Job Changer, but it'll just be able to change the class according to the city the NPC is in (e.g: Prontera Job Changer will just be able to change Acolyte/Priest/Knight/Crusader/Monk jobs). Party Size: 10 Members Party Share Limit: 15 Levels Guild Size: 36 Members NPCs: Kafra Warper, Skill Stat Resettter, Healer PK Mechanics PK everywhere in Rune Midgard., except in main civilized cities. (Prontera, Morroc, Payon etc) 10 second timer before teleporting or logging out (Except when teleporting from Kafra or logging out in safe zones) Each important item in the game, will have a minimum hidden value set by developers. These won't affect sell values, it'll just be a separate table. (e.g: Saber[3]=800k / Skeleton Worker Card=2m / Hydra Card= 1.5m / +9 Refine on Lv.3 Weapon=5m/ +9 2xHydra 1xSW Saber = 10.8m) The player will have access to a 'Safe Chest' located in Main Cities. He'll be able to deposit 15 items of his choice in it. Those items won't be dropped in case of death. The player will lose 10% of his exp if he's killed by another player. Upon death, the player will lose his 10 most valuable items (Items from Inventory or Storage, Safe Chest items won't be affected). This also applies to zeny, if his items are cheaper than his zeny amount. When attacking someone, the attacked will be assigned a Red Aura and [PK] tag in his name for 30 minutes (In-Game Timer). The timer will be reseted everyime the player attacks someone again and during this time, the attacked won't be able to access safe zones. When killed, the Skuller will be teleported to the jail. Which will be a fenced space near Prontera center where they'll have to be for 5 minutes for each kill). If the skuller didn't kill anyone, he'll just be there for 3 minutes. If a player kills a player 30 levels lower than him, he'll receive just his 3 most valuable items and his PK Timer will increase by 10 minutes every kill (e.g: A lv. 70 Wizard kills five Lv.20s players = 30min PK timer + 50mins added) Some dungeons will require quests to enter, from basic to experienced ones. The reason is that the player with most quests will have access to more escape routes. Global broadcasts when someone with a high value is killed (e.g: Traveler was just killed by PKer1337 and lost 15.570.800z!) There'll be a Bounty Hunter board in some cities, where the player will be able to set a reward for the death of someone. PKers will be able to get their 'tasks' from this NPC. They have 24 hours to complete the task, otherwise the task will return the to board. If completed, the NPC will handle the transaction and will transfer the money to the PKer's account. Each completed task from Bounty Hunter's Board will be awarded by 1 Bounty Hunter Point. The points will be used to unlock some perks such as: Experience Drain - if you kill someone, you'll get an amount of experience based on their level. New Features New Professions will be added such as Mining and Fishing. Fishing will be a good source of consumables, while mined ores will be required for crafting some BiS items or quests. BiS (Best in Slot) Items will be droped from new dungeons/bosses/quests but they'll worn out after a specific amount of hits/spells/damage taken and they'll have to be recharged/repaired for a x amount of zenies/items. New Profession: Hunter - A NPC will assign the player a task to kill X monsters. When the task is completed, the player will receive x Hunter Points, that'll be used to unlock certain dungeons, buy some items or level up to the next Hunter Rank(Novice, Neophyte, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert). Rewards will be better as the rank increases. Forts: There'll be a map with a fort in the middle that will spawn a chest every 12 hours. The chest will contain good supplies and also low chance of real good gear. Players will have to fight to control this part of the map, in order to get the chest. This is what I did for now, but I'll be updating if I come up with more stuff. And yes, this was heavily inspired in Tibia, Runescape and Archeage. Added: Marketing Strategies
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