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  1. First, awesome idea you got there. I like it of acting like a library for future generations But, as a web freak, I would encourage you to secure the domain with https://letsencrypt.org or any other you want to use. Seeing the green lock aside of the adress relax me haha
  2. Hello, Lately I was trying to create some passive skills for my server, and followed the guide on the wiki, but that one is for active skills that the player must level up. I am looking for a way to create passive skills that level up when reaching some condition (not the player leveling up them). I am still googling ways to do it but found nothing yet. Any help will be appreciated.
  3. Podría suponer qué es lo que pasa... Según sé, debes actualizar el mapcache para que el emulador lea bien el mapa, ya que ahora que sea walkable o no lo decide el emulador, no el cliente.
  4. I recall this way of sorting used by rAthena, but for Herc is different: ... nvm just found that in another skill, not callslave but summonslave, lol...
  5. Hello, I was wondering where I can look for the IDs of the monsters bosses and mini ones summons. I tried looking on the mob_skill_db and skill_db but found nothing about the IDs recalled. For example, I know Arc Angeling does summon Cruisers, but I want to know which ID of those monsters is the one recalled. Any help will be appreciated.
  6. I myself did learn on the go, autodidact as you From that I started studying computer science as a hobby and here I am now
  7. Thank you. Will test it ASAP! __ May I ask.. do you know the skill ID to actually cook something? I can't find it to add to that list. I do not mean the genetic (biochemist) one. Also, tried putting the GN_MIX_COOKING there, but did not work.
  8. Well, the question is quite short: As the same as a blacksmith creates a weapon with his/her name as prefix, how can I have the same result while cooking? I would like to know where to look at on the source files (if needed) to get this done. Thank you.
  9. Okay, thank you @Dastgir for the reply. Do you know where to see the current /commands behavior? Like /blacksmith or /alchemist So, let's learn C...
  10. Exquisite works you have there. Looking forward for more!
  11. Is there a way to create a / command? Or, where do I can look at the / commands code to see how they work and try to mimic their way of operation, I would like to add some / commands to my server. I am hoping this has nothing to do with hexing, but with src editing. Thank you!
  12. That wasn't the error, it is fixed now. Thank you anyways.
  13. Ah, yeah, I understand that part, but how do I make the command to read that line instead of the kicking to login one Dx
  14. The thing is I just copied other item description and just changed its ID, that's why I find this weird. Am using your Translation by the way. __ Will try to fix those unstated " and will comment if it fixed the error. __ Okay, it is fixed now, thank you @4144.
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