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  1. just compile this 2 plugins ExtendedBG ExtendedBG-char . im using latest git also its working on my test server.
  2. its working but suddenly pop up this error. up '99'). [Error]: --- nullpo info -------------------------------------------- [Error]: cell_pvp_1.7.c:383: 'ssd' in function `unit_blown_post' [Error]: 0x27bf3f nullpo_backtrace_print [Error]: /home/noobzter/Hercules/src/common/nullpo.c:77 [Error]: 0x27bf3f assert_report [Error]: /home/noobzter/Hercules/src/common/nullpo.c:147 [Error]: 0xb5a85c5f unit_blown_post [Error]: /home/noobzter/Hercules/src/plugins/cell_pvp_1.7.c:383 [Error]: 0xb5a85c5f unit_blown_post [Error]: /home/noobzter/Hercules/src/plugins/cell_pvp_1.7.c:371 [Error]: 0xb577907b HP_unit_bl2ud [Error]: HPMHooking/HPMHooking_map.Hooks.inc:93367 [Error]: 0x2333a7 status_calc_bl_main [Error]: /home/noobzter/Hercules/src/map/status.c:3760 [Error]: 0x24fcb7 status_calc_bl_ [Error]: /home/noobzter/Hercules/src/map/status.c:4185 [Error]: 0x14a12b pc_reg_received [Error]: /home/noobzter/Hercules/src/map/pc.c:1513 [Error]: 0xb573041b HP_pc_reg_received [Error]: HPMHooking/HPMHooking_map.Hooks.inc:61649 [Error]: 0xd712f intif_parse_Registers [Error]: /home/noobzter/Hercules/src/map/intif.c:1103 [Error]: 0xd952f intif_parse [Error]: /home/noobzter/Hercules/src/map/intif.c:2649 [Error]: 0x68623 chrif_parse [Error]: /home/noobzter/Hercules/src/map/chrif.c:1478 [Error]: 0x2915ff do_sockets [Error]: /home/noobzter/Hercules/src/common/socket.c:1081 [Error]: 0x16bff main [Error]: /home/noobzter/Hercules/src/common/core.c:539
  3. i got this error how to fix this? im using latest herc file. thanks in advance.
  4. same problem, i cant wear any items, anyone can help me thanks...
  5. noobzter003


    pm me ihave working one.
  6. thanks you i understand already.
  7. thanks for your reply. but i dont really understand. ist like this? ALTER TABLE tbl AUTO_INCREMENT = 150000;
  8. i know how to edit but the problem is when i create new character the char_id starts with 1 again. should be starts with 150001 something like that. how to fix this?
  9. how to make it starts with 15000? where should i edit this?
  10. this is my char table. whats the problem.. sorry i dont get it.
  11. do i need to change in to 150001 150002 150003 like this?
  12. thanks for answering my problem sir. but what should i edit here.
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