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  1. I'm trying to compile the server using a MacBook with new M1 chipset. But after I try tin use `./configure`, I'm getting an error that `pcre header was not found`. I already installed pcre using `home-brew` but no success. Can I get some help on this?
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    Youu really sole my script and reposted as your?
  3. Well guys, i'm backing to ragnarok dev. and starting with a new Project. First of all i'm creating the website to start disclosing the server. So, i've created this layout and what to know from you guys, how does it look like?
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    System Creation

    Hi guys, I'm comming back with ragnarok development and want to come here to explain to you. Well, I think that someone here must know me from the old times. I used to develop some features and scripts to ragnarok server, just for fun. I've also build the Restock System, with restock function to all itens in players inventory, Facebook share system, and many others... Now i'm back to the game... Some features that i'm already testing and some others that i will start producing when you start requesting, will be listed below. Unification to zeny and char name by account. Well, now u can set the whole zeny for all characters in one single account together. All characters will increase and decrease the ammount of zeny when the player win or lose some. Also, the character name will be unique for account, so all characters will be with the same name. Central Market. Does anyone here saw the Tree of Savior market? Well, the idea is to create the market, with all itens that the players are selling in the server, on the WebSite. It will be something like the Steam Store, but when the player purchase the item in the site, it will be automatically sent to his Storare in-game. The same happens when he tries to put some item to sell, at the moment that he do this, the item will be removed from its inventory. Mobile APP. It will be an Android App (IOs in the future) with all informations about the server, talk, friends in game to chat, Globall announces, the market store, character and account managment, and many others... I'm doing functions over demando too, you can chat me on the discord or by email ([email protected]) to talk about what you want and prices. That's it, thank you guys!
  5. Well, i'm trying to implement a kind of hex editing. So i found that the packet_len that control the char name, party and guild is 0x195, but my question is... How can i find the hexadecimal description on the hexed for that packet? I'm trying to do something like, add another bar, after Guild Name, on characters info, like: Player Name (PartyName) GuildEmblem GuildName [Guild Position] Here Another tab. I know the logical command to do this on clif.c but the max string value to each of these names is 24, so the total string for that infos are 102 bits, where bits 6~29 are the characters name. bits 30~53 are the name of the player party. bits 54~77 the name of the guild bits 78~101 the guild position. So, how can i expando the info like bits 102~125 another infor that i want. I can do this on the clif.c, but i dont know how to make the hexed show this to the client. Anyone could help?
  6. Hi guys, i'm trying to remove the skill effect when the player cast a skill, in general it gives a Yellow aura on the character, in some cases like stom gust, it gives a blue aura and others. Someone know what file i need to change to remove it? I want to remove all aura effects too. Thank guys!
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