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  1. Looking good. I was wondering if you could share the client you're currently using? I like the old look and feel. I tried downloading from your website the 2.7GB client but whenever I click the dl icon it doesn't do anything it seems.
  2. Yes, although some parts of the guide will have to be changed to adopt the setup for Windows. But yes, it should be okay but take note that Windows uses a bit more resources like ram unlike the Linux distributions.
  3. Hi, I was just wondering if there's already an existing script wherein we can spawn fake players or bots that attack mobs (no ks of course)? Can be easily spawned and de-spawn if possible. Thanks
  4. @Michi Do you have a copy? It seems like the link to the Github isn't there anymore or privated not sure.
  5. @gantz Your Control Panel install service, will that be for any Linux distri and working?
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