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  1. Where r u matiaaasss?????

  2. wow welcome back dude, nice to see you again
  3. I know that this comman doesn't exists, well, the idea is to prevent players from closing cutin window using esc or clicking on the close button
  4. I'm developing one new system, I searched around but I don't found nothing releatead to it: is it possible to disable one keyboard button for some time ? In my case I want to disable "Esc" I was thinking in some script command that can do it, something like this: disablekey "key",time; enableney "key";
  5. Hello, I'm getting this error when I connect: clif_parse: Received unsupported packet (packet 0x5a44, 5 bytes received) my packetver is 20130703 my Ragre is 2013-07-03aRagexe_patched I diffed it with NEMO Patcher I used all recommended options
  6. my apologizes, I didn't knew about nude command, please close this topic
  7. well you can do it by forcing to equip again when the player unequips the item, use the script command 'equip', example: (5347, 'Ph.D_Hat_', 'Ph.D Hat', 5, 20, 10, 200, 0, 3, 0, 1, 4294967294, 7, 2, 256, 0, 0, 1, 98, '', '', 'equip 5347'), in the example above when the player unequip Ph.D Hat it will equip this hat again, the last quotes are the unequip script, just do it for your item.
  8. As far as I know, these are commonly struct pointers used in source to point to structs like: map_session_data, etc.. you first need to learn the basis of C language, I suggest you this site: http://www.programiz.com/c-programming then you're able to understanding the source code of Hercules, you can find some info about it in her's wiki: http://herc.ws/wiki/Main_Page and I did a long time ago a little doc with a few explanations about eAthena's Source Code, it's outdated but can be helpful for learning: https://xp-dev.com/svn/tecnocronus_scripts/docs/EN/source_documentation.txt the best way to learn hercule's or eAthena source code is to studying C language a lot and looking source snippets, see what they can do a good way to learn too.
  9. unequipall script command After doing this code: unequip EQI_HEAD_TOP; unequip EQI_ARMOR; unequip EQI_HAND_L; unequip EQI_HAND_R; unequip EQI_GARMENT; unequip EQI_SHOES; unequip EQI_ACC_L; unequip EQI_ACC_R; unequip EQI_HEAD_MID; unequip EQI_HEAD_LOW; unequip EQI_COSTUME_HEAD_LOW; unequip EQI_COSTUME_HEAD_MID; unequip EQI_COSTUME_HEAD_TOP; I thought: there's not a script comamnd that can unequip all equipments ? so I did it. USAGE * unequipall; This command will unequip all items of the current attached player. DOWNLOAD https://xp-dev.com/svn/tecnocronus_scripts/snippets/EN/unequipall.patch NOTES * Compile with MSVC++ 2010
  10. When the woe starts, there's a chance to active this event, in order to participate, players must have to do a little quest and the he can participate the even, the main goal for the player is to kill 100 or more player at WOE in prontera castles, the first to do it will receive one reward.
  11. You need to give more information: Which items and amounts should the player delivery in order to receive the rewards ? What are the rewards avaliable to the player choose ? But I already did it, just change item1ID,item2ID,item3ID for the ids of items that are required and their respective amount: ITEM1_AMOUNT,ITEM2_AMOUNT, ITEM3_AMOUNT change the reward id here: // It will delivery the required items getitem RITEM1, RITEM1AMOUNT; DOWNLOAD https://xp-dev.com/svn/tecnocronus_scripts/requests/EN/npc_quest_reward.txt
  12. WAR OF EMPERIUM EVENT DESCRIPTION It's a WOE Event but based on Norse Mythology, it tells the WOE history, how it began (of course I made this history) HISTORY BACKGROUND When the Ragnarok was about to start, the Rune Midgard Gods were anxious and afraid of Ragnarok (The End of the World), so they made the Celestial Guard to protect the humans and prevent the Ragnarok, Iris was choosen to be the leader, but her most loyal member Chaos, kept envy in hist heart and betrayed Iris, he stoled her immortality and locked her in a prison, the gods didn't knew about his betrayal and elected him as the new leader of Celestial Guard, after this, Chaos rebelled against the Gods and thus Ragnarok started, after a 7 days battle, the gods won, but Chaos, before die, spelled all the humans wich a curse that make all the humans hungry for power, they started to seek power in all 17 gods temples, that's how the War of Emperium began. DOWNLOAD https://xp-dev.com/svn/tecnocronus_scripts/scripts/EN/Woe%20Event.txt CHANGELOG http://trac.xp-dev.com/TC_Scripts/log/scripts/EN/Woe Event.txt NOTES If you find any error or bug please post here, I'll correct. My english isn't perfect, so there's will be english mistakes, tell me here.
  13. kkk é claro que sou eu, quem iria se passar por mim ? é só olhar no eAthena que eu uso esse SVN desde lá, e obrigado pelos mirrors, mas esse xp-dev é muito bom, uso de graça desde 2008 eu acho e até hoje todos os scripts estão lá.
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