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  1. I tried this method before but it doesn't work. if you know what i mean...... Again, I want to exchange the 1 Coin it's going to be 10 .points_var$ A. if i change 2 coins to points = 20 .points_var$ B. if i want to change exchange my 20 points to coin is going to be 2pcs Coin
  2. @Mumbles another favor bro PLEASE? incase if you are not busy, i just need a small assistance on this script. I'm really bad at conversion. What i want is. Every 1 x .pod_id = 10 .points_var$ = "#CASHPOINTS"; Vice-Versa. If you have 2 x .pod_id = 20 points (.point_var$) https://raw.githubusercontent.com/datmumbles/Scripts/master/util/points2item.txt
  3. Hi, folks! I'm looking for help about the SC_EDP is there a way it can reduce 50% of damage instead of 100% on Level 1 EDP? That would be appreciated.
  4. REKT

    Guild Quests

    I like the idea! looking forward someone could make for this or as a base.
  5. Does this feature already implemented?
  6. By chance converted to rA to make it work?
  7. Just wanna say 'THANK YOU' for sharing the newbie new zone map it was simply amazing!
  8. Good Job! This gonna be paid or it'll be free? Drop me a PM if this project is finished.
  9. REKT

    Ei, do you have still the script of this?


  10. This is really simple, how do you managed to open a server if u don't know a simple basic scripting? Geez. Server nowadays are just like spoon feeding Learned to debug instead of spoon feeding. if you don't know those basic then STOP making a server.
  11. monster("prontera", 150, 150, "Bat", 1005, 1, ""); e.g monster("prontera", 150, 150, "Boring", 1002, 100, ""); // 100 Porings By adding more.
  12. REKT

    New life for RO

    HOLY. i'm afraid this kind of project will be dead same as Shinryo Client. https://rathena.org/board/topic/57955-custom-ragnarok-online-client/
  13. The best comment ever! I hate when people asking for FEE even if a simple guide or requests.
  14. Wow, seems interesting. i would like to ask a question can this be possible to RUN as Windows also?
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