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  1. Just download the original GRF and extract it. Rynbef~
  2. Wow it looks amazing. I'm want to buy every of it. If it possible contact me please as PM. Rynbef~
  3. It's a Diff. There u can set a limitation of 50% or else. Rynbef~
  4. I'm on mobile cause the formatting isn't not correctly therefore I posted an example on pastebin. https://pastebin.com/qhNxv1YV Rynbef~
  5. Wow, I have counted the numbers but I've counted 8😂 Thx for sharing the solution for the community. Rynbef~
  6. Maybe add an <aid> block with the Admin IDs. Try to change the servicetype, servertype and langtype. Rynbef~
  7. Im currently in a hospital thereforce it will takes a little bit time to show the progress. I'm sorry. If someone want to help: U can designs a layout web-based with html and Javascript and other frameworks based on JS. The Patcher use a system with "Onclick Javascript Functions" to call events like Start Game and else. Rynbef~
  8. The patch files can be encrypted with the same encryption the client use and able to read. No one can steal files from the patch files. And at the configuration program u can enable or disable this function. It's only make sense if the client has the encryption of the GRF enabled. To create a patch file u need a separate program. It's not a gpf, rgz or thor patch file! It's a new format. Currently u need to encrypt the files at the Thor patch file to patch the encrypted files into an encrypted grf.I will make it easier. Rynbef~
  9. I create a patcher and I'm using the encryption of the GRF Editor for patching encrypted patches in an encrypted grf. Rynbef~
  10. Yes but I will allow to enable grf encryption too. Rynbef~
  11. I don't want that someone steal my self made sprites or maps. Thereforce u can enable or disable patch encryption. Maybe it will be open source. I'm thinking about. Rynbef~
  12. Thank u very much. I've a great idea to make the Patcher and all Buttons customizable. And u will be able to use animations and much much more. In the configuration window u can create the Config file and use a login field or use the Ingame login field. And I will make the patches encrypted. They will decrypted and the patched to the GRF or Folder. U can create a patch where u can select files and instead of "patch file into grf" u can choose "delete files from grf" or "delete files from RO folder" and if u don't want select the files u can write it in a textsrea with path instead. Rynbef~
  13. Dear community, the voting is over and the community decides that I should create a new patcher. I will use this topic for suggestions. I've planned a lot of features but I don't want to share it yet but u can do this. I whould be rly happy if u write suggestions for the new patcher. Which features should the patcher have? Rynbef~
  14. OK it seems no more votings placed. The community voted for "a new patcher". And I will create it. I'm rly happy to create a new patcher. I'll start a new topic after I've created the mainly functionality. But don't be worried about the voting. The other ideas are great too and maybe I'll create the other tools too. Rynbef~
  15. Thx for ur suggestions. I will now let everyone vote for what I should create. Pls vote: https://www.strawpoll.me/21210805 Rynbef~
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