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  1. Hi peoples, just wanted to notice that If you're willing to test those contents, I'm currently releasing a server that will allow you to do so (through specific functions). Here's for more infos: Ragnarok Underground Online
  2. those variables means "start an event at 5, start an event at 6. If 0, then doesn't start, if 1 then start"
  3. both will be available, so you'd be able to test on your favorite one. You'll just have to edit the clientinfo according to the server you want to connect to.
  4. Hello people, so you know it, I'm currently building a test server, which will be running freely with some kind of auto gestion. It'll contains all my scripts, plus those I find cool, and can therefor be played freely, to test or simply to play. Gonna release the address / forum / client soon (Won't do a website, as I don't know how to, but still)
  5. Yep you need to add them to your mapcache through the resnametable reference add. For the worldboss, probably missed one, gonna check that. Edit: Allright, should be okay now, but I can't test it now, sorry, I'm at work.
  6. @MikZ resnametable have been added. Gonna look for the worldboss issue. Edit: Allright, fixed and pushed. You can get the last version from my github, tell me if you find other issues
  7. Hey nice...According to the doc: For example: announce("This announcement will be shown to everyone in green.", bc_all, 0x00FF00); Will display a global announce in green. The color format is in RGB (0xRRGGBB). So basically, it shouldn't break at all...It's been a while since I last run my hercules so it might a bit outdated, but as announce have sometime to be triggered without players, I don't see how it's possible that a player should absolutely be linked... Did you changed something on the script? Cause it's not supposed to be a string as last argument, but announce "[ System ] World Boss appeared in " + [email protected]$ + " !",bc_map,0xFF0000;
  8. Sorry thought it was allready in the release. Gonna add it tonight, as I don't have it with me right now.
  9. Okay so two things. The MapFlag isn't mandatory, you can simply unload it. Just apply there the mapflags you wanna use. Gonna fix the incorrect maps in it. For the maze's maps, they're added through resnametable. Did you updated your mapcache with the given file? Edit: you can retrieve the last version of YggdrasilMapFlag.txt on my github
  10. Just released a bunch of new scripts. Allthought, those scripts were initially developped and tested, but may still contains issue. Feel free to report / fix them directly on github! Release contains: System/Crafting - Allow players to register to a guild, which can craft some specific items (pastry, magic scrolls, tailoring...) System/DungeonHall - Advanced Guild Housing. Allow guilds to buy a town and use them as base. They'll then have to manage food stocks (which will change the food available in restaurant, bar...), dungeon (one per town) and it's content (by catching mobs and poping it on the dungeon), access to fields... System/Fisherman - Fishing system System/Miner - Mining system System/Mercenary - Allow players to register as mercenaries, and then be hired by other players (through a contract) to fullfill a specific task System/Prime Hunter - Allow players to put a reward on someone's head, and Prime hunters (registered players) to hunt those target for the reward System/Steel Soul - Allow players to bind their soul to a given weapon, evolving through mob killing, and possibly able to gain bonuses (through random option) Feel free to report any issues, and i'll try to fix it as soon as possible
  11. @SirKalimus do you still need this? I have somewhere in my package
  12. @Tio Akima I don't know if you still need this, but if it requires a skill, it's a source edit, not a script. Otherwise, I can provide some item summoning items.
  13. Alayne

    Guild Buffer NPC

    That may be due to the application of an unsupported buff. I got this on rathena, perhaps it happens on herc too (need a source editor to confirm that though).
  14. Alayne


    Here you are. Can't test it right now, but this should do the job. Tell me if you have some issues. AutoMvp.txt AutoResPvp.txt
  15. How do you store the donation infos? For it to be usable on npcs, it needs to be at least stored somewhere in database. Is it?
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