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  1. looking for flux cp theme + 3 ~ 5 custom pages -- looking for afordabols pa pm
  2. hi, please let me know your rate.. need fluxcp theme + 3 ~ 5 custom pages, let me know your rate please
  3. hi, please let me know your rate.. need fluxcp theme + 3 ~ 5 custom pages, let me know your rate please
  4. Hi Judas! I was using your service before... ahahahah still alive and kicking!
  5. Extended Vending and Auto Trade plugin Question I tried to have first the Auto Trade plugin and it works fine. However running the Extended Vending and it does not work. Anyone tried to have both working at the same time? Thanks
  6. Hi, Good day all! I would like to ask how to add WoE TE on herc ? Thanks!
  7. mariadb ? if yes >>> apt-get install libmariadbclient-dev
  8. BuLaLaKaW


    awesome! use the updated version
  9. yes, you can do something like this .... how about you check your options (1) host it in your pc at home and if you have a good internet connection that is great no lag and if your pc turns off.. your friends can connect (2) host it in a vps and even if you or your friends have not good internet it is fine since vps have good bandwidth (3) link >>> , but if you want to learn about it then it is this will be the great journey you will ever do ...**reminiscing days on eAthena >> cReAM >> 3CeAM >> Rathena >> Judas Fork >> Hercules**
  10. @hadeszeus bai kumusta pinoy ka pala, kung bisaya ka samot .. kauban ta sa una sa kang Judas kung ka remember paka ... bisag unsa on balik gyud RO.. ahahaha
  11. Hi All, I am hoping someone will help adding novice castle on WoE Controller ... Here are some things I updated... // ----------------------------------------------------------- // Constants (leave this section alone). // ----------------------------------------------------------- setarray .Castles$[0], "prtg_cas01","prtg_cas02","prtg_cas03","prtg_cas04","prtg_cas05", "payg_cas01","payg_cas02","payg_cas03","payg_cas04","payg_cas05", "gefg_cas01","gefg_cas02","gefg_cas03","gefg_cas04","gefg_cas05", "aldeg_cas01","aldeg_cas02","aldeg_cas03","aldeg_cas04","aldeg_cas05", "arug_cas01","arug_cas02","arug_cas03","arug_cas04","arug_cas05", "schg_cas01","schg_cas02","schg_cas03","schg_cas04","schg_cas05", "nguild_alde","nguild_gef","nguild_pay","nguild_prt"; setarray .EndLabel$[0],"ar01","ar02","ar03","ar04","ar05","sc01","sc02","sc03","sc04","sc05"; setarray .Days$[0],"Sunday","Monday","Tuesday","Wednesday","Thursday","Friday","Saturday"; setarray .Regions$[0],"Prontera","Payon","Geffen","Aldebaran","Arunafeltz","Schwaltzvalt","Novice"; setarray .Map$[0],"prt_gld","pay_gld","gef_fild13","alde_gld","aru_gld","sch_gld","n_castle"; setarray .MapX[0],134,240,153,111,208,121,295,317,140,204,214,308,143,193,305,48, 95,142,239,264,158,83, 68,299,292,293,288, 97,137, 71,187,183, 18, 19; setarray .MapY[0], 65,128,137,240,240,233,116,293,160,266, 75,240,240,278, 87,83,249, 85,242, 90,272,47,155,345,107,100,252,196, 90,315, 16,180,178, 14; // ----------------------------------------------------------- I also change some numbers like 30 to 34 (regarding castles) as well as 6 to 7 (regarding regions) occassionally set .Size, getarraysize($WOE_CONTROL); if (.AutoKick || .NoOwner) for(set .@i,0; .@i<34; set .@i,.@i+1) { setmapflag(.Castles$[.@i], MF_LOADEVENT); setd "."+.Castles$[.@i], .@i; } if (!agitcheck() && !agitcheck2()) sleep 4000; set .Init,1; However at the end, when i place a schedule for novice guild one of the castles of prontera is included and when I tried to delete the castle it also deletes the novice castle. Please help! Thanks!
  12. how much for this please, let me know
  13. Hi, I am interested for plugin version of goddameit BOT >> How much if paid? Thanks!
  14. BuLaLaKaW


    I pray @goddameit will update for new version for Herc
  15. Hi Everyone, Good day. It has been a long vacation for me since I played RO and even setup my server using eathena, then 3CEAM (rytech's), then rathena and then herc. At some point I was using Judas' services also. Main point, after my 2011 server (tinyro.com) I went into work frenzy until I no longer have time for RO due to work and family. And now after a decade of inactivity, I am posting this particular share that may help other players or maybe only those people who experienced and maybe a lover of jikari patcher like me. jikari-cube_guide.pdf Jikari-Cube.zip if ever this is on the wrong section, will it be possible to transfer this and keep the files for knowledge sake and possible future use thanks
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