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  1. did somebody told you how awsome you are? ive been using a different VPS hosting and i have no idea how to set this all up. because usually RO hostings are pre set up and all you need to do is edit some files. now that ive already done this, all i need to do is upload my server to my VPS and im good to go! thank you! ive saved up to 4$ a month using a different VPS hosting sites
  2. //callfunc "Card"; function script Card { setarray .Card[0],25150,25151,25152,25153,25154,25155,25156,25157,25158,25159,25160,25161,25162,25163,25164,25165,25166,25167,25168,25169,25170,25171,25172,25173,25174; for( set .@i,0; .@i<getarraysize(.Card); set .@i,.@i+1 ) { if ( isequipped(.Card[.@i]) == 1 ) { set @Card,@Card+1; if ( @Card > 2){ dispbottom "You can't Wear more than 2 same Card at the same time."; set @Card,0; nude; } } } end; } this isnt mine, credits to owner i dont remember who, i just saw this in my old script collections. im now sure if its still working, or compatible in herc.
  3. https://rathena.org/board/topic/78767-card-effect-stack-limit/
  4. https://rathena.org/board/topic/56468-gentlemens-pipe/
  5. hey thanks for that! im gona try this at home later
  6. Hi can i request. An npc that can change your headgears color, (using recolor sprites) -npc will check if the item can be recolored -will have a menu for choosing what color is available (because not every custom headgear have the same color with others) -after choosing what color, a required items menu will show. (like in a quest npc?) -will need to pay the npc TIA!
  7. im trying to make my server online so my friends can connect. so i changed the local ip (127... ) to my own ip address. but im getting this error. i already port forwarded too.. im i missing something else?
  8. hi, uhm can you make it give extra skill points instead of status points?
  9. Just mentioning, 2015 client is stable enough to use on production server..Where you failed to add job?(while adding costume is feasible) You can add costume by renaming the sprite file and adding them as items.. what do you mean as item? like custom headgear items? if that works. it will only work on headgear right? not on armor? for 2015 client read that you cant use packet encryption yet. and only recommended patch are mostly working.. im talking about 2015-11-04aRagexe btw. on my job error. im getting a "no view data for class" error.. :<
  10. yep i did that but i failed. xd can somebody help me make a diff only for costume? not the whole job?
  11. Hey guys can you please help me create a costume using the ALT 3rd sprites? since 2015 client wont be stable for a while.. im thinking maybe creating them as a costume might be the other way to use the sprite... its kinda like the false suit.. like this. 200000,Assasin_Suit,Assasin Suit,5,89000,,500,,4,,1,0xFFFFFFFE,7,2,16,,10,1,0,{ changebase 12; },{},{ changebase Class; }
  12. yes im aware of that. im just worried about my internet provider. will it affect it? and also does closing the server and reopening again will get rid of the lag?
  13. Hey guys, im kinda planning to host a private server using my own internet. im just worried since this DDOS attacks are common now, is it possible for someone to DDOS my own network? and if yes, what would happen? im i gona be in trouble with my network provider?
  14. is this pRO or Other Official Servers? Its a custom item with effect
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