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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I'm Karas representing Atlantis. We are looking for a Source Code Dev with experience in porting official content, mainly the part related to SRC, such as Skills or functionalities, either from rAthena to Hercules or purely from Hercules. The work is paid and is not a permanent role, but part-time to the extent that we need certain content or move workload from our Tracker. Please send PM with intended budget and previous experiences. Thank you so much.
  2. Status: 3/3 Slots Full. But feel free to msg to reserve a slot. Happy Devs Website: devhappy.info Skype: mark.mogudev Discord: _hpy Starting Prices(show spoiler) Payment Schedules At least 50% of the cost must be paid before development starts. The rest of the payment must be paid before the finish work is delivered. You can pay via WESTERN UNION, PAYPAL, Crypto, or Binance USD (BUSD) Please read our Terms of Service before proceeding with any transaction and inquiry with us. Website: https://happydevs.online Skype: mark.mogudev Discord: hpy#0001 Service Reviews(from this topic itself)
  3. We currently have a rAthena server and we are planning to migrate to Hercules. We need the following: Client side modifications/Client SRC/Script/Plugin developer Proxy/Server Setup Database Migration from rAthena to Hercules. PM me or message here for your pricing and expertise.
  4. Current status: UNAVAILABLE Who da fuq is dis sht: Hello i am Dduwsmitt, i have been a core developer sometimes a scripter on rathena since 2012. i have migrated here on hercules on 2014. What can I do for you?: Name it and i will forge it. EXCEPT "Web Development" (well i know some of it but its only to the point where i can help you fix or find some errors). i can create original contents that you want me to develop just give me an idea of what you want to do. Well to give you some general idea of what i can do: Server Modifications - SRC, Configs, NPC, Database Custom Contents - SRC, Configs, NPC, Database, Custom items, etc. Client Modifications - Hexing, Translation, Other mods, etc. I DONT DO PLUGINS BECAUSE IT WILL BE EASIER FOR MY CLIENTS TO REDISTRIBUTE MY WORK. Contact me: skype: dduwsmitt or pm me here on hercules
  5. Dev Kuro, AKA Aaron Patrick Catulin, is a scammer. I had made a deal with him for $110AUD for a full project, client side and server side. Partial payment of $70AUD was to be made to him on 4 Sept 14 before he started on work. Having made the payment, be began to start ignoring me and did not want to produce the files. He last replied me on 14 Sep 14. He ignored me for over a month till 11 Oct 14 before I disputed the payment. I had no choice but to dispute the paypal payment, but with the good being intangible, my dispute was declined. Only then did he bother to reply, 12 Oct 14. He assured me that he will produce the goods and that it would be done within 2 weeks. He promised he would reply, but again, he went missing and did not want to reply me till date, 22 Nov 14. I'm now scammed and here's the evidence. To those who want to engage in his services, BEWARE. I know there's no way he's going to give me my files since he's ignored me for so long. As a Christian, I'm going to try to forgive him and let him do whatever he wants. But it's only right for me to inform everyone else, lest they get scammed too. Just feeling quite sad to be this unfortunate. Thanks for reading and be careful!
  6. I see there's 8 Script Developer as of today, but since a month or more (yup, its more, I can't recall last update from script devs), there's no update from any one of them for scripts, we are lacking much scripts from kRO. So any info on what is been worked on from script dev? Or which script dev is assigned what ? Thanks.
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