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    Server Database Editor

    That is correct, I am no longer updating this tool (for now at least). There has been many database format changes lately on both emulators which made updating more troublesome. Every new update breaks many features everytime and keeping things compatible between emulators has become much harder. I would have to do a lot of refactoring to make this smoother, but... I unfortunately do not have as much free time as I'd like to start such a project.
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    Clock Tower Nightmare Mode Expansion

    Do you have gl_cas02 nightmare mode.
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    Ragnarok Emojis v2.0

    Disregard this post dummy me not see it as discord ..thing thought that's ragnarok stuff though
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    Array manipulation functions

    Nice stuff just when I need it for scripting. but this makes one wonder why hercules has so much hidden treasure???
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    Old Izlude and Alberta

    Thanks for the help !
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    Edel Raid

    Dress Pack

    First of all, thank you very much for your share. It's very useful. Will i have to adjust the "conf/battle/client.conf/<max_body_style:"? (or any others?) And if it is Yes, then what's number will i have to set? Thank you!
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    Server Database Editor

    is this compatible to the new version of hercules emulator?
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    Papercraft Horror

    how long have you been doing this Spriting? - 00:30-1h Depends on whether you have fewer or more images can you guide me on where should I start, because I also wanted to make my own Sprite. - To get started you must download ACT0R2, If you want to make mobs from tricker online you must download the game and extract the sprites of the data with the program CaballaRE. If you want to make mobs from MapleStory you must download the game and extract the sprites of the data with the program HaRepacker. Just get the imagens, open any mob with ACT0R2, and replace the images. Here u got a web with sprites if u don't know how extract sprites. https://www.spriters-resource.com/pc_computer/trickster/ Here a guide, how use ACT0R2 and download:
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    Papercraft Horror

    np, Thanks for the comentary.
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    Awesome can't wait to try it out!!
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    Array manipulation functions

    @andybe I just published version 7. See array_entries()
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    Array manipulation functions

    There's already getarraysize() to get the highest index +1, but I guess what you seek is one that counts non-empty entries?
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    Server Database Editor

    wow, greatest tool, thank for sharing!!!!!
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