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  1. I think you're talking about https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/pull/3138
  2. Already fixed on April 2022 release.
  3. Update your Herc and try that script there EDIT: works fine on my side.
  4. It's not really a bug on current Hercules, even if i use a clean pre-re Hercules like here: it looks fine, try to update your hercules. EDIT: just in case you're wondering... image shows me using @monster 1001 5 then proceed with @killmonster shows there that 5 monster dropped the cards as expected
  5. Drops: { Scorpion_Card: 10000 } Unable to reproduce the item not dropping twice, even though rates are maxed... 10000 = 100%
  6. \ Looks fine on my side, unless you used it wrong.
  7. can you atleast provide more information about your report? System specs (please complete the following information): - OS: [e.g. windows 10 version 1809, macOS 10.14] - Hercules Version [e.g. v2018.09.22] - Mode: [renewal or pre-renewal?] - Packet version: [e.g. 20101130] - Client type: [e.g. main, RE, zero, sak, ad]
  8. This should have been fixed in recent updates
  9. are you talking about enabling existing hateffect to Herc? or adding custom hateffect on clientside and then enabling them to Herc?
  10. On mob_db.conf, remove all DamageTakenRate: 10 placed in each MVP monster there.
  11. i will bump to this.. also my problem
  12. Senpai, script needs more checks on OnDeath and OnQuit, cause if someone dies or quits while the event haven't started, when if ( queuesize(.qid) == 1 ) returns... true, event ends and last remaining character wins
  13. senpai this needs update~ Porings are randomly spawned even the event hasn't started/failed to start due to #3 Killing poring doesn't fully secure to end the event(which forces player to warp out the map and kill all the porings) starting event with minimum number of participants warps out the participants yet starts the event
  14. It's fixed on 09.20.2020 Release
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