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  1. setting this to -7 gives 7 range with every weapon
  2. hello, can someone show me how to edit the range of an specific skill when used with specific weapon? thanks in advance
  3. thanks my friend
  4. does anyone know where these are located at?
  5. thanks for your reply it turned out that i had done a mistake at "grf-files.txt" entry also the mapfiles i've extracted from data.grf were corrupted works fine now
  6. hey guys i wonder how adding custom or duplicated maps to the game works since there are many changes. what i've done so far: - added mapcache.c as a plugin and compiled it -> enabled the plugin serversided - added my custom map (which is a clone from moscovia) to the necessary files (db\map_index.txt; conf\map\maps.conf; conf\grf-files.txt) - opened cmd -> located to my directory -> "map-server --load-plugin mapcache --rebuild-mapcache" this is when the mapserver told me he removed all maps. as i went to maps\re - full emptyness what did i do wrong?
  7. otherwise can be found at: doc/script_commands.txt
  8. can be found on ratemyserver.net: bonus_script "bonus bMatk,25; bonus bFixedCastRate,-50;",300,1025;
  9. ok fine, i added into 2dlayerdir_f.lub: [SPRITE_ROBE_IDs.ROBE_Black_Scarf] = LAYER_SMALL the sprite is now shown in front. but it still doesnt fit to the character properly. its shown a little too far down. also when i mount a peco, the scarf is shown inside the peco.. is there another file to edit?
  10. hey guys, i tried to add some custom lower gears as garment. on lower type with correct setup it looks like this: but when i try to configure it as a garment, it looks like this: my configuration: iteminfo.lua: [51000] = { unidentifiedDisplayName = "Accessory", unidentifiedResourceName = "Black_Scarf", unidentifiedDescriptionName = { "Unidentified item, can be identified with [Magnifier].", }, identifiedDisplayName = "Black Scarf", identifiedResourceName = "Black_Scarf", identifiedDescriptionName = { "^008000[ Black Scarf ]^000000", "Ofiicial Yume-Ro costume Item!", "Class :^777777 Headgear^000000", "Defense :^777777 0^000000", "Equipped on :^777777 Garment^000000", "Weight :^777777 0^000000", "Required Level :^777777 1^000000", }, slotCount = 0, ClassNum = 100 }, spriterobename.lub: RobeNameTable = { [SPRITE_ROBE_IDs.ROBE_Black_Scarf] = "Black_Scarf", } RobeNameTable_Eng = { [SPRITE_ROBE_IDs.ROBE_Black_Scarf] = "Black_Scarf", } spriterobeid.lub: SPRITE_ROBE_IDs = { ROBE_Black_Scarf = 100, } item_db2.conf: { Id: 51000 AegisName: "Black_Scarf" Name: "Black Scarf" Type: 5 Loc: 8192 ViewSprite: 100 Trade: { noselltonpc: true } Data placement: (following 3 are the same as for lower headgear) data\sprite\¾ÆÀÌÅÛ data\texture\À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º\collection data\texture\À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º\item and: whats missing?
  11. Erstmal danke, dass du dir Zeit genommen hast so ausführlich zu antworten. Mit SQL kenne ich mich tatsächlich noch so gut wie gar nicht aus. ich kann nirgends den SHORT Tag finden.. EDIT: hab das Problem gelöst. In '/src/char/char.c' folgende Zeile: i fixed it changing this at '/src/char/char.c': - || SQL_ERROR == SQL->StmtBindColumn(stmt, 1, SQLDT_SHORT, &item.nameid, 0, NULL, NULL) + || SQL_ERROR == SQL->StmtBindColumn(stmt, 1, SQLDT_USHORT, &item.nameid, 0, NULL, NULL)
  12. and how/where i need to change this? edit: what I've found so far is "src/char/char.c" u meant that?
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