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  1. he needs to create a basic account and just share your host name and password.
  2. trunk/db/pre-re/skill_tree.conf Novice: { skills: { NV_BASIC: 9 NV_FIRSTAID: 1 NV_TRICKDEAD: 1 WE_BABY: 1 WE_CALLPARENT: 1 WE_CALLBABY: 1 ALL_INCCARRY: 1 } } Just add whatever skill you want inside. For you example: Novice: { skills: { NV_BASIC: 9 NV_FIRSTAID: 1 NV_TRICKDEAD: 1 WE_BABY: 1 WE_CALLPARENT: 1 WE_CALLBABY: 1 ALL_INCCARRY: 1 // CUSTOM SKILLS FROM THIEF TF_DOUBLE: 10 TF_MISS: 10 TF_STEAL: 10 TF_HIDING: { MaxLevel: 10 TF_STEAL: 5 } TF_POISON: 10 TF_DETOXIFY: { MaxLevel: 1 TF_POISON: 3 } TF_SPRINKLESAND: 1 TF_BACKSLIDING: 1 TF_PICKSTONE: 1 TF_THROWSTONE: 1 } }
  3. I guess it doesn't support self hide.
  4. You mean mob suit costumes?
  5. Easiest way i managed to make my friends connect to my server is by using Hamachi.
  6. This is client-side issue ng SQL. check the root folder based on the error and see if the .spr file is actually there. For accessing the SQL user is root and just leave the password blank. Could be an error while installing? see which version is compatible with you. Is this x64 or x86? Find that item in the item_db.conf Change from Type: 3 to Type: 4 Download the latest kro translation. For this you need to use NEMO patch to apply your character as a GM sprite.
  7. 🔥 PowerhouseRO / Classic SHR 🔥 🔥🔥4th Job Costume Included 🔥🔥 Server Configuration: 👉Max Level: 900/200 👉No Delay Server(Non-kiel based) 👉Slots: [4] Equipment [2] Shield 👉Max PD: 30 👉Max HP/SP: 21,000,000/50,000 👉Max Status: 900 👉Max Guild Size: 25 👉Gepard 3.0 with @lgp 👉10% MvP/Mini-boss Card Drop rate 👉Extended Vending System enabled 👉300 Luk (Frost Immunity) 👉+10 Maximum Refine Main features: 🔥🔥 Over 1,000+ KRO Costumes (PRE-RE & RE)🔥🔥 🔥🔥 Over 1,000+ Custom Headgears 🔥🔥 ⚔️Mall Equips based PvP⚔️ ☑️Complete RMS Mall items ☑️AFK Farming ☑️Gold Room ☑️World Boss ☑️VIP Buffer NPC ☑️Daily Quest NPC ☑️Tons of Hourly Events Discord: https://discord.gg/g6FkumembF Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/powerhouseragnarok Registration: https://powerhouse-ro.com/?module=account&action=create RMS: https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=detailedlistserver&preview=1&serid=21563&url_sname=Powerhouse Ragnarok Online [Google Drive] Full Client: https://drive.google.com/u/0/uc?id=17fRgQOjqU_IPtH4U9JyNeWGStJAwJPmL Lite Client: https://drive.google.com/u/0/uc?id=1nbba3yLnQmqiqABDmkKZ-mO-QusSMvIp [Mediafire] Full Client: https://www.mediafire.com/file/gr33znqzdbo4i2h Lite Client: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ijek0q34jspklqm [Mega] Full Client: https://mega.nz/file/r5VzzKyY#A3aeVKjMl9daydgOSuimSs4VQZafwzxEQAXoyi8vdcY Lite Client: https://mega.nz/file/y1UzmIoB#oMwgLSy_9qSrEmtnS3sNepWsf8dw2qTWgKWTp9JpbxM
  8. there's a lot of video tutorials made already for this: Here's a sample
  9. Daaaamn! this is something else! i hope this gets released soon. Will it still appear and make a sound if the player turned off they're /effect? or does it work like some hateffect wherein even if the effects are off, it'll still appear? Anyways good job!
  10. This has nothing to do with gepard. You can edit this in the skill.db file.
  11. Since its been deprecated with the 2019 update. i'm kinda testing it today and here's what i encountered: Using this below format: ViewData: { SpriteId: "DANTEAPPRENTICE" WeaponId: 642 ShieldId: 0 RobeId: 0 HeadTopId: 67 HeadMidId: 10207 HeadLowId: 55 HairStyleId: 1 BodyStyleId: "Job_Taekwon" HairColorId: 9 BodyColorId: 4 Gender: "SEX_MALE" Options: 0 } BodystyleId: seems to only read the value 0 or Job_Novice. I just need confirmation if this is already 100% fully functional or am i just missing something? Thanks!
  12. I think what he means is that he applied the weapon sprite as a headgear slot. That way it appears no matter what condition your weapon script has. Just to make sure it doesn't overlay the existing, use the W_FIST instead as subtype.
  13. On your skill_db.conf find { Id: 485 Name: "WS_CARTTERMINATION" Description: "Cart Termination" and look for the this: DamageType: { IgnoreCards: true } It should be like this DamageType: { //IgnoreCards: true } after that restart the server.
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