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  1. What a problem why herc can't continue on newest exe since 20200715?
  2. @Ridley If you said the GRF is up-to-date 2016-08-04, Why the prontera theme and morroc is not newest like kRO?, morroc is not fully contruction done and prontera is not new Edited : thanks for release, i'm just asked
  3. time to say goodbye yommy? thanks for support on herc/ra community long time.
  4. bump! ----------- on my second test this problem only pallete of trans class (high class) 1st class / 3rd class is fine
  5. Hello everyone. I have been wait for long time about this problem. after the 2010-08-10RagexeRE Client does not support diff/hex about option Use_Official_Clothes_Palettes_All_Langtypes anymore i wanna bring them back. bcuz the Official Pallete is pretty cool for me check this screenshot any idea? help? Thank You!
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