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  1. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gravity.romg&hl=en Will be open beta in SEA on Oct 31, and will feature up to transcendent classes, They got 3rd jobs on chinese servers, I think. shameless referral link https://www.ragnaroketernallove.com/share?r=fWLafGkkaaVk kek, i dunno maybe ill get free pots or something Will this suck like ToS? But it kinda looks cute and gives nostalgia with a new twist
  2. Good luck understanding that shit. It loads, I'm using vb6 sp6 and windows 10. Also, you need to mix the ico files then use another program like reshack to change the icon, since vb6 can only use 8 or 16 bit icons whatever I forgot.
  3. mleo1

    Tree of Savior

    @@mrlongshen You can use select server. Too many, fuck lag, Game is good I wanna RMT but but whahaha
  4. mleo1

    Tree of Savior

    @@mrlongshen lags so much, you walk then go back again to same spot, you will get tokens if you buy early access for cosmetics, exp scrolls, enchantment scrolls (currently the p2w stuff), reset skills, ...... if you buy a early access you will get a free server transfer after the early access I bought 10$ one, I like the possibilities in builds, and I like playing with a controller, and its cute. They are genius, It's like we pay them to test the shit before f2p, You gonna rage in connection stuff whahah I'm on klaipedo server BR is on ORSHA SEA, US Servers are just text, they just divided the population, the servers are all in US whahaha 10/10 Will CommanderLoadFail again
  5. mleo1

    Tree of Savior

    I'll brag my cute char
  6. login ka admin account meron dun options
  7. mleo1

    Tree of Savior

    @@Shikazu openbeta will be coming soon, kek
  8. Been working on it since past 2-3 days, and Rankings are implemented completely(need to test off, but code is done) kek busy, you can do it alone i think, you got the skills, and you already finished almost all of it lel,
  9. I wanna help in flux addon and in the ranking script, I know little php and scripting, for practice. just gimme leaks too, kek
  10. http://nn.ai4rei.net/dev/npclist/?qq=8
  11. Does not matter when you got a list Don't need to remember the ids, don't need to remember the names, you gonna look and copy paste anyway, kek
  12. disable party adding person on map how?
  13. @@Neo I dunno if error or not, 2013-08-07, cannot disable the map interface, "failed in step 1" it says
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