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  1. I did change the mmo.h then I recompiled it I can login but when selecting a character I get disconnected and see this warning in my server [Warning]: clif_parse: Received unsupported packet (packet 0x7daa (0x0368), 19 bytes received), disconnecting session #3.
  2. are you the projectx owner of 2003 ragnarok online?
  3. Hi are you still alive? im contacting you on facebook but ur not replying 

  4. Hi are you still alive? im contacting you on facebook but ur not replying 

  5. Anyone has contact to GODAMINT ? or anyone here is good at source code modification I am willing to pay
  6. jimboy09232


    i tried everything but sitll error compiling help please
  7. your plugin is not working in latest revision please check it i have try many times compilied succesful but unknown commands
  8. I installed it using windows following the step by step and recompiled successful but when i @autoattack in-game unknown commands
  9. jimboy09232


    how can i apply this to latest revision There is no file Index: db/const.txt - latest revisio there is no file Index: db/sc_config.txt no file -
  10. How can i implement this to latest revision of herc
  11. HEllo sir how can i implement this ? episode 16.1
  12. Hi sir here's the script how can I block 5377 , 5374 and godlikes items in this script I mean how to add restricted items in this script. prontera,209,229,5 script Item Giver 106,{ mes "[item Giver]"; mes "Please input the ITEM NUMBER that you want to receive."; mes " "; mes "You could use @ii <item name> to look for it or browse at ratemyserver.net"; input .@itemnum; next; mes "[item Giver]"; mes "How many pieces of this item do you want to receive?"; input .@itemcount; next; mes "[item Giver]"; mes "Here you go! Come again!"; getitem .@itemnum,.@itemcount; close; end; }
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