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  1. Hello, Is there any 1 that is having the script for this sertain npc? http://irowiki.org/wiki/Mora_Enchants Artifact Panhandler The Artifact Panhandler is located at the bottom right of the lake (mora 119,75). Unwanted Arch Bishop and Warlock gears can be exchanged here to 2 mora coins each.
  2. I tryd this quest but the weekly isent working i get everytime a new timer quest when i complete. but i can take the quest 10 times
  3. I spoke to him a fiew days ago. He told me he was busy and would fix the sprites asap.
  4. There is no bug its just 30 seconds befor the event ends. You should change. sleep 30000; // last 30 Seconds To sleep 900000; // last 15 Minutes This wil make the event last 15 minutes instead of 30 seconds.
  5. JoyRo

    Clan System

    Think they wil release it in fiew weeks. As far i recieved info.
  6. Can you send us a screenshot of the error.
  7. JoyRo

    Heal Npc

    Is there any one that can make a healer that is free for level 1-75 but paid for level 75+
  8. Hey Mumbles, Nice script thanks!
  9. Thank you i solved the problem topic closed.
  10. Feel free to login when i am online ill show you around my instances
  11. Hey Nova, Thank you for letting me know. I gonne ask my web Developer to change the content. Becoz indeed it looks like eachother. Sorry for this. I let you know when he changed it. The instances we do have those.. why shouldent we have them?
  12. Hello, I am using Flux CP latest from Hercules. But somehow when i try to use some option like adding items to the item shop i get these error's. Sorry, no form session found (hack attempt ?) Any 1 can help me with this problem? Kind Regards Henry
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