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  1. I dont understand why they didnt merged into Herc, this been going on for 5 years. I really wanted to use Herc as my server, but it has no storage and battleground solution, its becoming really not attractive with far less features than rathena.
  2. 1) i dont know the budget, as my own server never surpassed ~300 players. 2) google cloud platform, amazon web services, hostinger... 3)you can check some VPS that has international proxy support, talk to them before contract. For an international project that aims to have 5k player, proxy is a must, people dont tolarate lag in gameplay, its 2025 already.
  3. com chat gpt da pra traduzir tranquilo, eu traduzi 100% dos npcs do meu hercules fiz programa pra bater os IDs do iteminfo.lua com IDs do banco (item_db.conf) e listar quais estão só em um dos arquivos, completei a descrição dos itens, limpei o banco de itens inúteis, etc, etc... ai vou dar isso na mão de um monte de gente que nem curte o post? outra vez em outra conta fiz uma tradução aqui que não teve nem 5 curtidas e mais de 2500 downloads. O povo só entra no fórum pra sugar, por isso ninguém mais compartilha nada. vc quer algo bem feito? faça vc mesmo xD
  4. https://rathena.org/board/topic/141200-froggo-rö-folder-everything-needed-to-run-the-latest-publicly-available-client/
  5. thats impossible to answer, depends on location and your budget. you can google that...
  6. FIXED! in case anyone have this problem: my msgstringtable.txt was messing up the phrase that would come in the confirmation boxes when clicking buy in the cashshop, they had an extra space the beginning...
  7. This crazy item will change completely when you level up! ---------------------- Base Lv <= 80: Exp Gain +10% Drop Rate +10% -------------------- Base Lv > 80: HP+200 SP+80 ---------------------
  8. thanks. i tried but i dont think i am using the correct information, can you help me implement this? OnDSMVPDead: .@count = getunits(BL_PC, .@units, false, "guild_vs3"); for(.@i = 0; .@i <= .@count; i++) { rodex_sendmail(getcharid(.@units[.@i]),"RodEx People","RodEx Test Mail","This is a RodEx Test Mail.",0,501,1,501,1,501,1); } map-server: [Error]: script_rid2sd: fatal error ! player not attached!
  9. I cant find much info by exploring the project, whats supposed to do? how can it help me? how useful is it? thanks
  10. thanks for trying to help, i got no success with this after trying a lot of things, even tried other servers lua/lubs... i think my hexed is cursed, but its alright ^^
  11. vc pode atingir isso modificando o for para passar por todos os castelos e vendo a qual guild pertencem. ai na hora de "pagar" o jogador, vai multiplicar pela quantidade de vezes que a guild dele aparece (ou seja, quantos castelos possui), acho que é isso. OnBuyItem: set .@TotalCost,0; // Calcula o custo total for(set .@i,0; .@i < getarraysize( @bought_nameid ); set .@i,.@i+1) for(set .@j,0; .@j < getarraysize( .Items ); set .@j,.@j+1) if( .Items[.@j] == @bought_nameid[.@i] ) set .@TotalCost,.@TotalCost + ( .Costs[.@j] * @bought_quantity[.@i] ); if( #CASHPOINTS >= .@TotalCost ){ // Deduz #CASHPOINTS e Ganha Itens. set #CASHPOINTS,#CASHPOINTS - .@TotalCost; for(set .@i,0; .@i < getarraysize( @bought_nameid ); set .@i,.@i+1) getitem @bought_nameid[.@i],@bought_quantity[.@i]; // Atribui a quantia de imposto igualmente a outras Guildas. for( set .@i,0; .@i < getarraysize( .CastleMap$ ); set .@i,.@i + 1 ) { set .@castleGuild, getguildid(getguildname(getcastledata(.CastleMap$[.@i],1))); set .@guildCastles, 0; // Counter for guild-owned castles // Count guild-owned castles for( set .@j, 0; .@j < getarraysize(.CastleMap$); set .@j, .@j + 1) { if(getguildid(getguildname(getcastledata(.CastleMap$[.@j],1))) == .@castleGuild) { set .@guildCastles, .@guildCastles + 1; } } // distriubir imposto igualmente setd( "$GuildTax_"+.@i ),getd( "$GuildTax_"+.@i ) + ( (( .@TotalCost * .TaxRate ) / 100 ) / .@guildCastles ); } // Notificação sobre o Total de Imposto Recebido pela Guilda. message strcharinfo(0),"Imposto recolhido: "+(( .@TotalCost * .TaxRate ) / 100 )+" Cash"; }else{ mes "Você não tem #CASHPOINTS suficiente..."; } close;
  12. I am using 2018-11-14dRagexe with NEMO, all working the "Cash Shop" button is there the itens are there the cash is there what happens is: if i click buy in the cash shop with no itens > nothing happens (as it should) if i add a item from the cash shop to the buy list and click buy > GRAVITY ERROR i have kRO grf in my data.ini, i search for nemo for "cash" patches but there is nothing besides hiding the icon. does this client even support it? I cant use another client because i want a pre-renewal server and the sonic blow and vulcan arrow animation have changed in december 2018.
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