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  1. go to conf> grf files.txt and and add your RO data and folders to the server so it can check for those maps and compare it to map index. If your RO folder has it, it should not show the debug after you have done this.
  2. Yea i was working with the rA version of the script xD thanks for this one too though
  3. Try *Translate Client(Recommended) using this NEMO. Secret's was discontinued. Try using the Nemo below and check if it works. https://gitlab.com/4144/Nemo
  4. Thats awkward, which client is this? doesnt happen to me for 04-04-2018 or later ones. Is that ragexe? or ragexeRE? it should either be something wrong with ur NEMO patch or you have to hex it urself or something wrong with msgstringtable maybe(if the client reads those texts from there). If it is *hex* part just tell me which client it is ill see wat i can do to help u change that.
  5. Hey everyone I have an idea for a BG based on a game called GunZ i used to play. It's called "Assassination" This is similiar to capture the flag in some ways more than anything, Concept: Normal teams Red vs Blue, lets say its a 3v3 ( u need a minimum of 2 players in a team or itd be lame xD) one of the 3 players get a target on their head ( some marker is put on the player to suggest that he/she is the one to be killed. This should not be shown in minimap though or it would be gamebreaking) The other 2 players in red and blue should search for the targets of their respective opponent teams, 1st team to kill the opponent target wins the round. Targets are the main priority. even if its 3 players alive in team Blue, 1 player alive in team Red, If the 1 player(who is the target and the rest of his/her team is dead) in Red kills the target of Blue, Blue looses. So basically, 1 target is chosen at random in each team(this changes in each round so basically every 1 might get to be the target). The opponent team has to assassinate this target. If the target dies, all his/her teammates die and the round is over, opponent wins. Hope i explained it well xD i have posted it on rA as well, hopefully someone comes up with possibilities of making this a script
  6. Hello everyone, For some reason, my Navigationdata folder in client side is empty. does anyone have an updated .txt file that has to be in it? if you do have it could you share it here? Thanks in advance!
  7. You are using an old hBG.c Use the one from this link: https://github.com/lucasljsb/HerculesBG/blob/50a1a3963fe2590a787aab27b27fa2faf9e1f277/src/plugins/hBG.c
  8. Hello everyone, I present to you a modified tip box which has been completely translated to English. Tested on: 2018-04-04c RagexeRE and worked like a charm. In your System folder in Client side, replace your tipbox.lub with my translated tipbox i have attached below: tipbox.lub Then, Patch your client with whatever settings you want and then open the patched client in hexeditor ( I used XV132 for this) IMPORTANT NOTE : Make sure you hex a "patched" client. DO NOT do it on an unpatched client or else NEMO will show errors for random "recommended patches" that you select while patching it. Find the following and replace with hex for english translation : for checkbox: BD C3 C0 DB C7 D2 20 B6 A7 20 BF AD B1 E2 English translation: 53 61 76 65 20 54 69 70 3F 20 20 20 20 20 for close button : B4 DD B1 E2 English translation : 44 6F 6E 65 (korean translation of close has only 4 strings so I had to replace it with "Done" to match the string size -_-) OR go to your NEMO folder/patches/TranslateClient.txt and add this at the end of it then patch your clients: (Thanks to @Asheraf for telling me about this xD) M: Translate Tip box ------------------------------ F: BD C3 C0 DB C7 D2 20 B6 A7 20 BF AD B1 E2 R: 'Save Tip?' F: B4 DD B1 E2 R: 'Done' if you did everything as said, this will be your result : Old tip box: New translated tipbox: -- On a funny Note, I had no clue what the korean translation for the Check box was LOL so I just randomly translated it to "Save tip?" instead cuz it was a logical solution LMAO
  9. Greetings Hercules, I have noticed that some people have not figured out how to increase itemdb from 32k limit to a higher amount. This maybe because the solutions are like in 4 different posts. This guide should help those having thousands of custom items like me in my test server. If you dont do the changes I have mentioned below, you would be getting this error : [SQL]: DB error - data of field 'nameid' was truncated [Debug]: column - 1 [Debug]: data - type=UNSIGNED MYSQL_TYPE_LONG, le [Debug]: buffer - type=MYSQL_TYPE_SHORT, length=2 So do the following to make it go away : 1st : go to /src/map/itemdb.h: edit this line: #define MAX_ITEMDB 0x8000 // 32k array entries in array (the rest goes to the db) to this: #define MAX_ITEMDB 0x10000 // 64k array entries in array (the rest goes to the db) 2nd: go to /src/common/mmo.h: edit this line: short nameid; to this unsigned short nameid; 3rd: go to sql-files/main.sql: edit all these specific lines in the main.sql: `card0` smallint(11) NOT NULL default '0', `card1` smallint(11) NOT NULL default '0', `card2` smallint(11) NOT NULL default '0', `card3` smallint(11) NOT NULL default '0', To this : `card0` mediumint(11) NOT NULL default '0', `card1` mediumint(11) NOT NULL default '0', `card2` mediumint(11) NOT NULL default '0', `card3` mediumint(11) NOT NULL default '0', 4th: go to src/map/pc.h: edit this line : struct s_add_drop { short id, group; To this: struct s_add_drop { unsigned short id, group; and this line : int (*bonus_item_drop) (struct s_add_drop *drop, const short max, short id, short group, int race, int rate); to this : int (*bonus_item_drop) (struct s_add_drop *drop, const short max, unsigned short id, short group, int race, int rate); 5th: (we are almost done hang in there xD) go to src/map/pc.c: Change this line : int pc_bonus_item_drop(struct s_add_drop *drop, const short max, short id, short group, int race, int rate) { to this: int pc_bonus_item_drop(struct s_add_drop *drop, const short max, unsigned short id, short group, int race, int rate) { 6th : go to /src/char/char.c: edit this line : || SQL_ERROR == SQL->StmtBindColumn(stmt, 1, SQLDT_SHORT, &item.nameid, 0, NULL, NULL) to this: || SQL_ERROR == SQL->StmtBindColumn(stmt, 1, SQLDT_USHORT, &item.nameid, 0, NULL, NULL) Rebuild your server and you should not encounter the error anymore
  10. Do as instructed in the link below but using hercules instead of rAthena: Link for hercules git: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/tree/0622261073b6f4f0160cb0df150d3e07483d9b1b KRO full client as of 2018: https://rathena.org/board/topic/106413-kro-full-client-2018-03-27-includes-bgm-rsu/ get mysql from the video link description and you should be good to go.
  11. Hey everyone! For some reason, these pvp maps dont read morocc.gnd for me ( i even tried physically putting the gnd file into the data folder.) this error appears no matter how i try to fix it so does any 1 know the possible solution?
  12. Solved it thanks! everything seems to be translated to english except the tip box, any suggestions?
  13. well im using the latest herc revision, 2018-04-04 client starts just fine but when i try to login in it says disconnected from server? ( the runserver.bat shows i connected successfully though)
  14. Hey everyone, Just wondering if it was possible to use Pre-Re Stats in RE setting. By pre re stats i mean = +500 STR would give 25k Atk ( or smthing of that sort) while the current RE stats gives like 500 ATK for +500 STR. Thanks in advance, Cab
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